Millennials are a unique breed of travellers who document everything in selfies, prefer to sleep in strangers’ homes for an ‘authentic local experience’ and they’re full of contradictions, like they want to budget their way around the world but will also knowingly overspend on ATM fees.

So what does it take for hoteliers to attract these 20 and 30-somethings who prefer to avoid almost everything touched by generations before?

Well, according to Frasers Hospitality, it requires designing of a special property, which caters to the millennial’s every desire.


Called Capri by Fraser, the hotel brand just opened its 17th property in Berlin after experiencing strong demand for its specially-created offerings.

Described as “contemporary luxury”, each property is technologically driven to feed into the millennial’s online addiction as well as their nomadic lifestyles, which tends to roll work and travel into one.


Each of the rooms or ‘residence’ draw inspiration from the host city to deliver on the young traveller’s desire to be assimilated with local culture, while also setting themselves apart as modern, stylish and urban living spaces.

Individual properties have their own little quirky features such as the Capri by Fraser in Berlin, which has an archaeological excavation site.


The site was discovered by chance during construction and is now carefully preserved and showcased through a glass floor (can you see it in the picture above?), which lies underneath swings that have been installed to offer guests a playful perspective on this historical landmark.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a property for the young without a fully equipped gym open 24/7 featuring kickboxing facilities, all-day dining restaurant, a lively bar in the lobby and laundrettes with the latest games consoles.

Have you checked out a Capri by Fraser property?