Hurtigruten has set the record straight about a suggested partnership with the troubled cruise line, One Ocean Expeditions, issuing a statement rejecting all claims it would be getting involved with them.

One Ocean Expeditions has not sailed an expedition since October 2019 after a difficult year, including two of their cruise ships being “suddenly and unexpectedly” seized by Russian authorities.

In November we reported that Hurtigruten stepped in to offer “a compassionate fare” to passengers affected by One Ocean Expeditions’ cancellations.

Hurtigruten Steps In To Assist Stranded One Ocean Expeditions Passengers

But when it came to recent rumours that Hurtigruten would be partnering with One Ocean Expeditions – Hurtigruten wanted to make it clear that was not happening.

“We fully understand the stress the One Ocean Expeditions cancellations causes both agents and travellers,” the company commented.

“As a courtesy given the difficult situation, Hurtigruten has decided to offer guests who have been impacted by OOE cancellations the opportunity to book a Hurtigruten expedition cruise under “compassionate rates” on selected itineraries.”

“We are truly sorry for the confusion the misleading communication depicting a partnership has caused to guests in an already difficult situation”.



“But it is important for us to underline that the compassionate rate offer is made independently of OOE, and any booking or financial disputes remain with OOE and the traveller – and does not in any way involve Hurtigruten,” Hurtigruten confirmed.

One Ocean Expeditions; latest cancellation is its January 17 Ultimate Antarctica departure.