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Leading travel trade and hybrid consumer website has ranked as the #1 travel industry site on the Amazon-owned and global benchmarking site Alexa.

Leading travel trade and hybrid consumer website has ranked as the #1 travel industry site on the Amazon-owned and global benchmarking site Alexa.

Amazon-owned Alexa is a global analytics benchmarking site (not to be confused with Amazon’s Alexa, Echo or voice product) that pulls data from worldwide sites and then compares them against each other to rank websites globally and locally.

The data is based on the last three months of traffic and page views and represents metrics from individual websites.

In the Alexa June 2020 results, ranked 3,712th of all sites (including outside of travel) in Australia, with industry sites Travel Daily placed second at 5,678 and Travel Weekly third at 6,247.

The new-look and completely re-built went live at the start of April to high acclaim and notched up just short of 500,000 page views in May.

67% of visitors now read on their smartphones with the site one of the fastest across all sites in Australia speed and performance-wise.

Karryon founder Matt Leedham says the new site has seen a further lift in traffic and engagement through the COVID-19 pandemic with the appetite for news, updates and support continuing to grow.

“As a free publication that relies pretty much solely on advertising, we’ve copped the full financial force of the pandemic like most in the industry but feel incredibly proud to be able to continue being of service in keeping the industry informed and supported daily through these hideous times.”

Matt Leedham, Karryon founder

Speaking about the last three months of working through COVID-19, Leedham says: “The response has been incredible. From the positive messages and countless stories we’ve received to the engagement, connections and support people have been making happen through our closed ‘Together In Travel’ Facebook group page – the spirit of our industry never ceases to amaze me and it’s what makes what we do all worthwhile.”

Karryon’s own Facebook page, also ranking at #1 in the industry (beating in the process) with over 35,000 fans has also seen a lift in engagement and reach, with one million-plus travel fans engaging with content in May.

“It’s been a rapidly changing narrative over the last three months, of the likes we’ve never experienced before. I think our skill and advantage has been to remain relevant and curate content that cuts through the fodder and sensationalism to give our audience what they need to get through this.”

The latest #1 Alexa ranking for follows previous top-spot rankings over the last four years.

The independently owned also owns responsible travel site which began early last year with the mission of supporting sustainable travel and tourism initiatives.

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