Every Travel Agents’s favourite online competitor – Webjet have launched their latest television ad and there’s not a Travel Agent jibe in sight.

The Webjet 30 second commercial showcases its ‘Search, compare and book’ offering for online airfares.

This time the ad is staged in an airport and features travellers of varying ages and ethic backgrounds (presumably all whom have booked with Webjet) walking through the airport terminal with gushing smiles on their faces.

There’s a Qantas ‘Feels like home’ esque hug at the gate, a cheesy low budget emotive soundtrack and the usual voice over from the bloke who also does the ads for McDonald’s.

The ad says;

“When it comes to booking flights, the move is to go to one website that lets you easily compare all your available choices, at any time from anywhere. Take advantage of the very latest airline offers and simply book the best value airfare possible, matched to your personal travel needs, backed by 24/7 customer support. It’s Webjet of course.”


There’s no mention of Travel Agents this time round though, which is a good thing compared to previous Webjet ads ridiculing Travel Agents.

The Travel industry backlash was loud and vocal after last year’s ads with a variety of stories in response and even a comical video made by a Travel Agent that went viral on Social media.

What do you think of Webjet’s latest ad? Share your thoughts below.