Nothing spoils your post-holiday zen like realising your bank balance took a beating while you were away. Apparently 36% of Aussies take a holiday without a set budget, while a quarter of us spend $500 more than planned while away. Oops!

Credit card comparison service uncovered a little more about Australian holiday-goers spending habits bysurveying nearly 2000 people to gauge their financial habits before, during and after a trip away.

Only half the respondents actually calculated how much they needed to save for their holiday then planned a budget in order to reach that goal.

The majority of those who did take the time to work out their holiday spending money, didn’t stick to budget anyway with 58% blowing the budget.

So what are people overspending on? Eating out and drinking and the cost of local attractions apparently.

Consumer Advocate and Spokesperson for Abigail Koch believes we get a bit more of a frivolous attitude towards spending when on holiday.

“Money, especially foreign currency, can lose its true value and become a bit like ‘monopoly money’.”

Consumer Advocate and Spokesperson for Abigail Koch.

Interestingly, younger age groups were the most disciplined with creating and sticking to a holiday budget.

71% of 18 – 24 year olds worked out how much they needed to save for their trip while Boomers were more willing to splash the cash with only half making a conscious effort to save up and stick to a budget. notes that choosing a ‘travel friendly’ credit can help curb the over spending. Things to look out for include credit cards that offer complimentary travel insurance and wave foreign transaction fees.

Cards that offer rewards for spending can also be a good way to reimburse your expenses by exchanging points for hotel rooms, flights.

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