Forget the hype of Coachella, Burning Man and Tomorrowland because Intrepid Travel has revealed their line-up of unique 2020 festivals, and they look like a damn good time!

Intrepid have scoured the world to find the festivals that will challenge and delight travellers, with a backstage pass to the culture that underpins it.

These new trips will have travellers connecting with locals in a meaningful way and discovering destinations at some unique times of the year, to celebrate and watch the destination come alive.

Intrepid Travel has seen a 108% increase in Aussies joining their festival-themed products in the last year, showing that Australians are looking for unique ways to experience a destination.

“These are festivals with bragging rights. There is no greater party than that of a city welcoming summer when it’s almost constantly frozen in Russia, or when locals in Papua New Guinea attempt to put out fire with their feet,”

Sarah Clark, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Intrepid Travel

How many of you are desperate to watch your friend, colleague or even customer, try and put fire out with their feet right now?!

That sounds like a hilarious time in itself!

Anyway, now you’re excited, some of Intrepid’s new festival tours include:


Russia Expedition: Permafrost Railway & Ysyakh Festival

Karry On - Intrepid Festival

Escape into stunning, sparsely-populated Far East Russian Siberia via two incredible feats of railway engineering – the Permafrost Express and the historic Baikal-Amur Railway – in the short window of summer.

Travel into Russia’s Far East on the historic Baikul-Amur Railway, then board the brand- new Permafrost Railway to Yakutsk, a city built on frozen ground.

Learn the secrets of life in the Sakha Republic and immerse yourself in the traditions of the Yakut people.

Experience the beginning of summer in what is normally one of the coldest cities on earth, revelling in the sun and warmth with locals during the Ysyakh Festival, and celebrate the New Year with the indigenous Sakha people.

Prices start from $5,425 per person twin share departing 18 June 2020.


Papua New Guinea Firedance Festival

Karry On - Intrepid Festival

Travel into the Papua New Guinean highlands to experience the cultural Baining fire dance at a local village.

On this nine-day trip, travellers will spend time in local villages, sharing meals and stories with villagers to get a taste of local life and discovering how the World Wars played out in the Pacific with a visit to the War Museum in Rabaul and underground tour of the Japanese tunnels in Kokopo.

Highlights include watching a variety of incredible performances as traditional Baining dancers attempt to put out a fire using their feet and enjoying a shoreline barbeque while experiencing traditional sing-sing in the Dukes of York Islands.

Prices start from $4,425 per person twin share departing 11 June, 2020.


Classic Rajasthan – Holi Festival

Karry On - Intrepid Festival

Trace India’s famous Classic Rajasthan on a fifteen-day trip around North India.

On this trip, travellers will stay with one of Rajasthan’s royal families to celebrate India’s famous Holi Festival, also known as the “festival of colours”.

Paint the air with bright colours to celebrate the arrival of spring and dance in clouds of coloured powder.

See the Taj Mahal up close and look for tigers on a safari in Ranthambore National Park.

Highlights include taking a tour of the lake and marble palaces of Udaipur – India’s most romantic city and learn about life in the Thar Desert while you share a meal with a local family.

Prices start from $2,020 per person twin share departing March 3rd, 2020.


Louisiana Mardi Gras Festival Tour

Karry On - Intrepid Festival

Ditch Sydney to revel in Mardi Gras in Louisiana in 2020!

On this nine-day trip, travellers will experience Mardi Gras at its cultural heart, learn the traditions behind and celebrate Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, listen to traditional jazz and blues and eat authentic down-home cuisine.

Highlights include discovering where the world-famous Tabasco sauce is made, dancing on a parade float in Lake Charles and experiencing good food, swamp adventures and Southern hospitality in Lafayette.

Prices start from $2,995 per person twin share departing 19 February, 2020.

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