The plush from one of South Australia‘s cutest tourism attractions will soon be ripped from the ground as the local government plans to tear down the ever-popular & record-breaking ‘Teddy Bear Fence’.

Oh no! Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, and all their soft, sewn up mates are being evicted from the world’s longest Teddy Bear Fence located on the Copper Coast Highway in Kulpara.

Despite being loved by travelling families, the 2,000-bear fence is said to have received many complaints over the years, reported. Some have described it as a safety hazard and others claim it attracts trash.

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South Australia’s super adorable fence started around two years ago when radio personality Andrew “Cosi” Costello was on a road trip with his two daughters.

On his radio show, Costello revealed that the trio had hung their soft toys and encouraged others to follow suit. Which they did and now there are over 2,000 small, large and completely huggable bears lining the site.



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The Yorke Peninsula Teddy Bear Fence will be destroyed in two weeks. I announced today on radio that I’d been informed that due to complaints the Teddy Bear Fence between Kulpara and Paskeville that I started two years ago will be pulled down. 😢🐨😢 I started the Teddy Bear Fence two years ago with my daughters. With SA’s support it grew to over a kilometre. With close to 2,000 teddy bears attached to it. It’s the longest teddy bear fence IN THE WORLD… But the head honchos have ordered it to be destroyed due to complaints. To those very few who made official complaints to councils and governments. Well done. You have won !!! Next time you drive past it will be gone. But at the same time the smiles of thousands of children will also be gone. If you have time to go to all the trouble to complain about some Teddy’s on a Fence I reckon you’ve got too much spare time. Granted the fence is in a high speed area but even suggestions to move it to a safer area are squashed by red tape. I want to know your thoughts SA. Should it be taken down ?? ❓

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Well, South Australia’s Department of Planning, Industry and Transport says it attracts a lot of complaints.

While Costello says he receives nothing but appreciation and love, the government body says people have expressed safety and eco concerns.

“The fence is on a 100km/h road, so I do partly agree with the safety concern,” admitted Costello. However, when it comes to making a “mess”, the radio host said it’s not true.

“My mum lives down there and walks the fence once a month and picks up any rubbish she sees,” he said. “I do it too when I go down there.”



Yes, you have less than two weeks.

Australians and other travellers are being encouraged to visit the Teddy Bear Fence in the next two weeks and leave behind any stuffed toys that they’re outgrown.

It’ll be the last chance.

“This has become a real landmark, and sure it’s not going to change the world, but it brings a bit of joy for people doing a roadtrip.”

Andrew Costello



Costello said he’s attempted to have the Teddy Bear Fence moved to another area, but didn’t receive support from local councils.

South Australia’s Premier Steven Marshall is also hoping to have the fence relocated so that it can continue “this legacy”. The politician said it’s not only loved by children but by adults, and South Australia.