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Agencies beware, SmartFlyer Australia is a 'formidable force'

They may be the new kids on the block but they're backed by industry royalty and they're set on becoming a major local player.

They may be the new kids on the block but they’re backed by industry royalty and they’re set on becoming a major local player.


SmartFlyer Australia – the newest home-based agency to arrive Down Under – this week took a huge leap forward across the country after its parent company, the Goldman Group, merged with Riche Travel Pty Ltd, an established mobile travel business.

Through the new purchase, SmartFlyer Australia added new consultants to its portfolio, bringing the number of agents under the new brand to 24.

Additionally, SmartFlyer gained the expertise of the six-year-old company which was the brain child of successful travel blogger Brent Wallace and Eliza Woodward and Stuart Reay – both had extensive careers at Flight Centre prior to launching the home-based agency.

Goldman Travel

[L-R]: David Goldman, Eliza Woodward, Brent Wallace, Anthony Goldman and Stuart Reay.

Woodward said partnering with the Goldmans was a ‘no brainer’ because of their popularity in the local market and their proven ability to build an ‘enduring and robust’ business.

“We’ve had our eyes on SmartFlyer for a while. What they have achieved in the US is quite fabulous.”

Eliza Woodward, Riche Travel Founder

Aside from being home-based agencies, Woodward said the two brands have many similarities such as their focus on selling luxury travel in a fun and dynamic way.

“We have never been your run of the mill travel company. We believe real travel influencers are out there, on the ground, in the air, living and breathing the hottest new hotels and the experiencing the yet unexplored,” she said.

SmartFlyer agents

“The best thing about being a home based agent is breaking the shackles of the 9-5, and getting to feed that addiction. Together we plan to make SmartFlyer Australia a formidable force in the luxury travel industry here, and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way!”

Goldman Group’s Executive Chairman, Tom Goldman, added that joining with Riche Travel will ‘propel growth’ and the company can now concentrate on recruiting the best in the business.

“Since its launch earlier this year, our SmartFlyer Australia business has recruited a select group.”

Tom Goldman, Goldman Group Executive Chairman

What are your thoughts on the merger?