Pour the Guinness and smell the espresso because Ireland and Italy have been confirmed as 100% definite departures for Trafalgar this year.

The two destinations are in hot demand with a whopping 36% of Trafalgar guests travelling through Ireland and Italy over the last six months.

Old street in Rome, Italy

Old street in Rome, Italy

Confirmed departures, of course, make life easier for everyone, so it’s welcome news that Trafalgar is calling 100% definite departure on new destinations over the coming weeks.

“We are thrilled to be able to guarantee 100% definite departures now on 44 trips including Italy and Ireland, in addition to all European Discoveries – with more to come.”

Managing Director Trafalgar Australia, Matthew Cameron-Smith.

Trafalgar UK-Ireland

Cameron Smith said confirming departures was all part of Trafalgar’s #AgentsFirst initiative which helps agents respond to customer demand and sell the company’s guided holidays with “confidence and ease”.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for Trafalgar’s next confined departures.

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Which destination would like to see confirmed next?