What does it for you to build strong relationships with your clients? So strong that they remain loyal and only ever use you for their holiday plans?

Quite simply, love.

It may not be true love and it definitely doesn’t need to be the romantic kind (although each to their own), but it does require an admiration of you as a person, you as a Travel Agent and the service you provide.

In pop culture terms, you want your clients to love you the way Jack from Will & Grace loves Cher…


So how does one receive this kind of fondness from their customers?

Why don’t we ask the travel brand with a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate worldwide and a 94 percent rate in Australia, Travel Counsellors.


Speaking at the Australian group’s recent conference in Cairns, Travel Counsellors’ Commercial Director, Kirsten Hughes, said it’s not enough for Travel Agents to just book their clients on a holiday, they need to compete emotionally with online booking sites, which are easy and pleasant for holidaymakers to use.

She explained that the way to do this was to build a loving bond and memorable experience with customers by being with them from pre to post-holiday and providing human touches along the way.

“Little touches are not hard to do and they create memories, such as putting wine or chocolate in their accommodation or finding out what they favourite flower is and asking the hotel to place that in their room.”


She continued, saying that Travel Counsellors’ customer satisfaction rate is beyond that of Apple, Starbucks and TripAdvisor because consultants are providing a “true Travel Counsellors” experience.

“We want them to come back to you, not just because you booked them a trip, but because you were with them every step of the journey.”

So that’s how to get your clients to love you.


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What was the last special thing you did for a client?