What does it take to be one of Australia’s best Travel Agents? Maybe try receiving 10 out of 10 scores from the majority of your clients, selling $430,000 in cruises within 12 months OR growing your business by 104 percent in a single year!

That’s what the best of the best Agents over at Travel Counsellors did.

The group revealed the names of its top consultants in Cairns this weekend, where hundreds of consultants and suppliers gathered for the group’s annual conference.

CLICK HERE for a full gallery of images from the gala night.

Among the winners of the 2018 awards were those who achieved record-breaking sales, both personally and company-wide.

For example, one winner earned some $356,118 in ONE MONTH alone, while another achieved $2.5 million in sales in one year.


CLICK HERE for a full gallery of images from the welcoming pool party.

So without further ado, these are the people to get in touch with if you need a little advice in the sale or customer service department (aka this year’s Travel Counsellors Award Winners):


Best Supplier

Travel Counsellors 7

Wide-Eyed Tours


Top TC Referrer

Geoff Ivin


Top Cruise TC

Matt Schmitz


Top Newcomer Corporate TC

Travel Counsellors 2

Hannah Foster


Best Newcomer Leisure TC

Hamish Naicker


Top Business Increase

Samantha Slattery


The Most Helpful TC

Travel Counsellors 5

Suzanne Watson


Top Margin

Carol Mills


Top Phenix

Karen Coates


Top TC Score Corporate

Travel Counsellors 4

Geoff Ivin


Top TC Score Leisure

Matt Schmitz


Top Corporate TC

Suzanne Watson


Top Leisure TC

Travel Counsellors 3

Matt Schmitz


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Join us in congratulating this year’s winning Agents!