If the thought of a public proposal causes you to break out in hives, then click here to read about something less romantic like Germany’s unbelievable variety of sausages. For the rest of you…

Youth tour operator, Contiki, had a very ‘awwww’ and ‘oh my gosh major free publicity’ moment this week when two of its former guests got engaged.

What’s the big deal right? They couldn’t possibly be the first to do so?


Correct, they aren’t the first past Contiki travellers to agree to get hitched, but they are the first to do it in front of thousands of people, including one very famous individual… Paul McCartney.

Yes, the once mop top-sporting, 18-time Grammy winner, singer and songwriter, Paul McCartney.


How the h#ll did Perth man, Martyn Davison, pull that off?

Davison was standing front row at the concert with his girlfriend of 10 years, Saya Imai (who he met on a Contiki tour), and thought he’d take a shot at asking McCartney if he could use his stage to propose to his girlfriend.

Obviously, Davison couldn’t just approach the international sensation, so he made the request via a large sign that read: ‘Can I propose to my love on stage?’

Lucky for the pair, McCartney spotted the sign and called them on stage during his encore.

Image: musicfeeds.com.au

Image: musicfeeds.com.au

After some quick greetings, Davison, on bended knee, told Imai that he had loved her from the moment they’d first met and asked if she would marry him.

Of course the answer was yes and an authorised marriage celebrant (also an audience member) offered them a free wedding ceremony.


Watch the proposal below:

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