Some people celebrate their 15th birthday with an extravagant Quinceañera, others keep it low key with a few of their closest friends and a small bite to eat. But not Excite Holidays.

No, Excite Holidays celebrated its Crystal Year in a truly memorable way, by expanding its business across the Pacific.

More on that shortly.

It’s hard to believe 15 years have passed since George and Nic (George Papaioannou and Nicholas Stavropoulos) first set up shop in a one-bedroom apartment in Brighton Le Sands!

A whole lot of hard work, generous tech investments and a decade and a half later, the company has grown to become one of Australia’s biggest online travel wholesalers providing Travel Agents with the most affordable travel deals via extensive tourist bureau and supplier relations.

“We’ve come a very, very long way.”

George Papaioannou, Excite Holidays Founder

Excite Holidays

Speaking to a group of industry friends at a 15th b’day party in Sydney this week, George and Nic said they knew they were onto something big from the get-go and stressed that consultants have and always will play a pivotal part in the business’ success.

“We’re made for Travel Agents. Everything we do is for them.”

Nicholas Stavropoulos, Excite Holidays Founder

“We’re all about the trade and we always will be about the trade,” he added.

But the company isn’t only just about pleasing trade here in Australia.

Excite Holidays has already penetrated the UK and as of 30 November, the online wholesaler will also be in the United States.

Nic said the company has already hired sales people to manage the east and west coasts of the US and signed preferred deals with brands housing thousands of Agents.

“It’s a bit daunting, but we’re ready for it,” Nic admitted.

“We’re ready for this success.”

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What are your thoughts on Excite’s expansion?