Man v Food, Booze Traveler, Great Hotels, Insane Coaster Wars, etc. – just when it seemed as though there were no unique concepts left for a travel show, Flight Centre pressed play on its program.

In case you missed it over the weekend, the Flight Centre Travel Group went where no other travel agency company had gone before, with the launch of a TV series called ‘The 48 Hour Destination’.

The first of 13 episodes aired across the country on Channel 10 on Sunday with an ever-so-subtle angle that not only aims to inspire Aussies to travel, but to strengthen public faith in Travel Agents.

What is this low-key difference?

The show is hosted by Travel Agent, Greer Gardiner, who explores different cities with her international colleagues.

The entire show revolves around showcasing the off-the-beaten-track travel knowledge one can only get through a professional consultant. Click here for more information on the program.

KarryOn caught up with Greer to learn more about the program and its unique concept and this is what she had to say:


We love that it’s hosted by a Travel Agent, how did you get the gig?

Flight Centre 3

I auditioned to be featured in the Flight Centre brand TVC, where the casting call went out to all consultants across Australia. I was selected to be one of the consultants in the brand TVC, during the production Luke who heads up the Creative and Content department was on set and we got to talking. After the shoot, he asked if I would be interested in coming to Queenstown with him for a few days to film a pilot for a project, he didn’t give me much more than that, and as they say the rest is history.


Have you had any previous hosting experience?

Flight Centre 7

I have had no hosting or acting experience but I had always dreamed of being a host on a travel series so this is something I feel I was born to do! Throughout this year, I have had a lot of experience in front of the camera and the crew have been extremely patient and accommodating. I’m lucky to have worked with a small but professional crew. Luke has been the driving force behind the series, and has produced each episode and directed the majority so I’ve always had his guidance.


How do you think having a travel professional in the role will give the series more credibility among viewers?

Flight Centre 6

As a travel consultant, my job is focused on building and delivering amazing experiences for my clients. Each client has a different need and I never seem to build the same itinerary twice. I have sent people from Sydney to Cape Town and all the way across the globe so I think my knowledge and passion for travel truly shines through on the show.

It’s an authentic experience as I don’t pretend I know everything about a destination and I utilise a Flight Centre consultant in destination to create my 48 hours. Today’s travel is more about experience and that’s what I can show them. As I have been to these places, I have insider knowledge that i can share and its the little hidden gems that make a holiday special.


Do you think this series has the potential to steer more travellers back to Travel Agents?

Flight Centre 4

I would like to think so, however we know that our customers will book travel how they want to book, and Flight Centre has been at the forefront of being omni channel, that our customers can book their travel with us how they want, whether it’s online, in store, via the app, or over the phone.

The Internet is great research tool, but you are putting a lot of time and effort planning, if something went wrong, who do you call? What do you do? Thats where we come into action. As Flight Centre has moved towards mobile use we are able to communicate with our customers via text, email or calls I believe this is the value of a consultant, that we can listen to what you are looking to experience and create a holiday from there. I have clients calling me at the middle of the night and they have the security that I’m always available.


Can you tell us a bit about some of the unique activities and experiences the series showcases?

Flight Centre 2

Luke has always said that the story comes first and that meant that everything we show must be entertaining. I think every episode has a ‘I never knew you could do that’ moment. We have steered away from the usual tourist attractions and look for the hidden gems of each destination.

We do some amazing things, in Cape Town we got up before the sun to get out into the harbour to find marine life, we were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins and it was a once in a lifetime experience. In New York we went on a hip hop tour with hip hop legend Reggie Reg who took us through Harlem, Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan to find where Hip Hop originated. In LA we I learn to sail on a yacht sailing out past Venice beach, Phuket I learn to make the perfect curry. So many experiences.

Will you tune into ‘The 48 Hour Destination’ this Sunday?