Helloworld Travel is looking out for Australia’s indigenous people through a new joint venture with one of Victoria’s Aboriginal owned and operated travel agencies.

Helloworld Travel’s QBT teamed up with In Travel Group this week to launch Inspire Travel Management, a majority Indigenous-owned Travel Management Company (TMC).

As the first-of-its-kind travel business in Australia, In Travel Group’s Founder, Dwayne Good, believes it will go a long way in giving Indigenous Australians more presence in the travel industry where they’ve been “underrepresented”.

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Good said he expects the partnership to open new job opportunities for Indigenous Australians, which will lead to creating more Indigenous travel professionals.

“This collaboration goes further than the obvious long-term employment opportunities for Indigenous people, and will work towards creating Indigenous travel professionals, experts in this industry that currently has very little Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander representation.”

Dwayne Good, In Travel Group Founder

Initially, Inspire Travel Management will be based in Melbourne and will have a presence in nine offices around Australia. Good will head up the brand as Managing Director.


Helloworld Travel’s Chief Executive, Andrew Burnes, said the travel group is proud to collaborate with In Travel Group on the new enterprise.

“QBT and Helloworld Travel Limited are fully committed to this venture to not only deliver on our prioritised social impact and corporate responsibility targets, but it will also contribute significantly to the travel industry and in turn to the Australian economy.”

Andrew Burnes, Helloworld Travel Chief Executive

Nick Sutherland, Group General Manager of QBT commented on the value of this partnership to QBT, saying he’s pleased “to be working on this new business that will tie in with the Australian Government Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) to support and grow the Indigenous Business Sector”.

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