They’re the flights everyone wants a seat on, it’s the party before the actual party, and what KarryOn envisions to be the sky-high edition of Studio 54 with high profile industry professionals and 24 hour party people.

They are the hallowed Flight Centre Global Gathering charter planes, which admittedly we’ve never been on, but have heard some wild stories about.

According to goss I received from my boss, who heard it from a friend, who saw a post on Facebook, which someone said was probably true, each year the charter flights gets wilder and the boarding passes are now almost as hot as an actual ticket to Global. Well almost.

So as Flighties across Australia pack their bags for the 2017 services to Hawaii, we thought we should let everyone know exactly what goes on (most definitely doesn’t) onboard FLT01: to Aloha partydom.


Obviously, there’s DJ’s onboard


Sadly it’s not KarryOn’s very own Founder, DJ Mattsky (he did try to sneak on there), but the epic DJ’s Flight Centre hire play everything from Luis Fonsi’s Despacito (the original, sorry Biebs fans) to Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman and down and dirty RnB classics to get people bumpin’ and grindin’ in the aisles.

Die hard Flight Centre peeps know that there’s only one legendary DJ in their company midsts. That of world famous Kenny Koala. But there’s only one of him and a few more charter planes than that. Maybe they’ve cloned him.


The only beverages served onboard are alcoholic



Pricey bottles of wine and champagne. Plus all food is removed from the aircraft because… eating is cheating.

Red Bull is optional, though only with Vodka. And soft drinks are, well, soft aren’t they? Rumour has it there is a ‘Responsible server of alcohol’ onboard, but he’s usually too hammered to be responsible before take off, so they usually leave him behind in the terminal.


And it’s all free baby!


Just like Club Tropicana in that old Wham video, drinks are free! Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone.


And everyone gets a glow stick, just because



Around half-way through the flight, air staff take part in a Cirque Du Soleil performance


This year, they’re expected to pull out the old ‘Toxic’ moves like that incredibly talented AirAsia X crew member.

There are rumours that Flight Centre may be starting their own ‘Cirque Du Skroo’ touring show which could be the companies next big acquisition. But you didn’t hear it from us.


And the PA system is used for annual rap battles


Which FYI, Skroo Turner is the reigning champion with his dope word play.

Insiders tell us he’s got ‘Serious know how’ and that he often drops killer one liners such as “Climb the ladder to success, escalator style” by his rap favourite Notorious B.I.G.


Aisles will turn into water slides


We all know Flighties love their water slides, so expect to see at least one making its way down the aircraft at some point during the flight.

That fit, tanned guy in his budgie smugglers who always seems to win the annual comp is planning to break the Guiness World Record on the plane for sliding all the way to Hawaii on his neon cover derrière. Good luck champ. We’re rooting for you.


Flight Centre employees compete in their very own lip sync battle


Celebrity outfits and all.


And about an hour before landing, Flight Centre employees attempt to steal Air New Zealand’s crown for having the best safety videos, by creating their very own



And then there’s Captain Flight Centre himself


Who always pimps himself up for the big event.

“Ain’t nuthin’ but an ‘FC’ thang y’all”.

What do you think goes on inside the Flight Centre Global charter plane? We’d love to hear your ideas and insights.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In no way should this article be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.