They’ve spent the past year moulding their product to perfection, giving Travel Agents numerous travel opportunities and undergoing a complete digital revamp designed to help consultants sell more.

It may be the year of the Rooster, but it feels more like the year of Wendy Wu Tours.

The tour operator’s team have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months and all their efforts paid off over the weekend, when they were awarded ‘Best Speciality Wholesaler’ at the NTIAs.

Andrew Mulholland, Managing Director of Wendy Wu Tours Australia, attributed the company’s success to a “clear vision” as well as “innovative and transformative” ideas.

Read below for more of Mulholland’s tips for success:


What does winning this award mean to you and the business?


For the business as a whole, this is a reinforcement of what we have long held. Although Wendy Wu Tours has long been acknowledged as a key player within the sector, the winning of this award recognises how far we have come as a business. The many changes that have been made, the challenges that the team have all risen to, have evolved the company to a position where we are now a force to be reckoned with – and the travel industry has recognised this. In a way, it’s a return to the original ethos of Wendy herself; to take every opportunity, to rise to our strengths and overcome our points of weakness, to build a culture of entrepreneurship, across the entire business.

For me personally, it’s incredible to be in the company of some of the finest players in the industry, and it’s the achievement of a stretch objective; to elevate Wendy Wu Travel from it’s position as a niche player, to an innovator, a challenger to some of the industry’s most respected brands.


What was it do you think that helped you win this year?


A clear vision, and strategic plan, with a strong focus on what was going to move the dial. We’ve made significant changes to product, operations and staffing, and the industry has recognised the change in our level of efficiency and professionalism. Along with our focus on digital transformation, we’ve also invested our relationships at every level, but particularly with our retail partners, developing mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.


How do you think the year ahead is looking so far?


Innovative and transformative! Our plans for the next 12 months are ambitious, and will cement Wendy Wu Tours as leaders in our field. There’s exciting developments in product already well on the way, as well as advances in technology and agent business-building plans. We’ll be continuing to work strategically, and be deliberate with our planning. We plan on continuing our trajectory of strong growth, and I have no doubt that we’ll meet our goals.


Do you have any award-winning tips you’d like to share to inspire other businesses to greatness?


Focus on what’s important – the 80/20 rule – and be willing to take risks! Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done. Look what Wendy herself has achieved, from starting as a travel agent in Epping. Opportunities are everywhere, you don’t need to follow the pack, set your own path instead.

Join us in congratulating Wendy Wu Tours on its NTIA win.