Who would have thought Flight Centre could find new ways to make its epic Christmas party slip n slide more fun, unique and just plain awesome?

We didn’t, but the company managed to top last year’s slide using a combination of pink flamingos, red sunnies, sweat bands Speedos and a Deadpool (the Marvel superhero).

It’s been dubbed Flight Centre’s best ever slip n slide (by us) because not only did it feature its usual bubbles, cheers and laughter, this year the Christmas ride came with increased employee involvement and nearly naked workers.

No we’re serious, check out our new favourite person on the planet sporting only a sweat band, sunnies and undies:


Several superheroes, including Superman and Deadpool, made their way down the bubbly path as well as a couple of unique cartoon characters such as this guy… we can’t quite make out the outfit, so we’ve dubbed him Green Man.

Green thing

Any ideas who he might be dressed as?

Other stand out sliders on the ‘soap carpet’ included Mario from Mario and Luigi as well as this guy, who rolly pollied down the wet pathway.


The sumo slider was a clear favourite amongst the Flight Centre team as was the little piggie.

But nothing quite topped this dripping ape who was clearly soaked by the end of his turn:


Click play on the video below to check out the full 2015 Flight Centre slip n slide:

What did your company get up to for Christmas last year?