Is the whole Travel Agent thing really that hard? My colleague Shaun Busuttil questioned it in a recent article and the answer is one many (mostly those in the industry) already know…

Bloody oath it is!

Before I continue, anyone at this year’s TravelManagers Conference in Darwin remember when General Manager Michael Gazal said NPOs wouldn’t dance at this year’s conference?

I post that with love, respect ???? and for a reason.

Being a Travel Agent is hard work, whether you’re working from a retail store, taking bookings online or running the show from home.

What really helps consultants get through the sh#t (cause it feels like that at times right?) and irritating customers (like myself – sorry Michelle!) is an incredible support system, like the guys dancing in that clip above.

TravelManagers 2

They belong to the TravelManagers’ National Partnership Office (NPO) and although it looks as though they’re just a bunch of pretty faces with some hidden twerk skills, they’re actually so much more.

We were recently given a glimpse at how those in head office assist consultants through a hilarious yet informative clip called ‘ONE day in the life of TravelManagers’ – and boy do they (all parties involved) go through a lot between 8am to 5pm.

Don’t believe us? See what it’s actually like to work within the TravelManagers Group below…

Side note, anyone else from the conference think that ‘future planning’ scene looks a little more professional to the version we saw in Darwin?

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What goes on in a day at your office?