Waking up with a hangover is quite the struggle, now imagine rousing the day after a big night out with an intense headache, wicked craving for Maccas and a $9,000 bill for a First Class ticket to the Maldives.

A First Class ticket! You’d die – not literally, but in the way every Beyonce and Taylor Swift fan ‘dies’ on social media when the musicians so much as breathe.

One British guy felt his heart fall (again, not literally) into his stomach last week when a Travel Agent played an epic prank, which had him believing he’d spent more than his savings on an trip he wasn’t planning.


William Armstrong went out with his mates one night and woke the next morning to find he’d misplaced his license.

Unlike the rest of us who lose personal items on a big night out, Armstrong’s I.D. made its way back to him a few days later via post inside an envelope addressed to ‘Lord George William Armstrong’.

The envelope was covered in Flight Centre branding and inside, the young man found his license, a letter, an itinerary for a First Class flight to the Maldives AND a bill for £5289.87 or roughly AU$9,072.


“Thank you so much for popping in the other day,” the letter from Travel Agent ‘Steve’ read.

“We certainly appreciate your business and hope you’re beginning to get excited about your upcoming First Class flight to the Maldives.”

Heart racing a thousands miles an hour and panic all over his face (we imagine), Armstrong read through the contents of the letter and didn’t realise it was all a massive prank until he found a note with the words: “We’re just kidding”.


In a Tweet, Armstrong explained that the Travel Agent had found the license outside his agency and decided to send it back in a fun, humourous way.

Armstrong visited ‘Steve’ in person to thank him for returning his I.D. and to take a picture with the prankster.

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve done after a few drinks?