She may be the new boss on the block but Travel Counsellors’ Regional Managing Director already has big plans to grow the home-based agency group down under.

Speaking at the group’s conference in Cairns this month, Kaylene Shuttlewood said that in less than two months with the company she can already see “huge potential” to attract more Travel Agents, particularly in Australia.

“It’s evident to me that we have some real opportunities in Australia and that’s why I’m here and it’s the core reason that I joined the business.”

Kaylene Shuttlewood, Travel Counsellors Regional Managing Director

Travel Counsellors

In order to drive this growth along, Shuttlewood said she put together a 100-day plan, and while we were keen to hear what each day involved, she was kind enough to cut it down to five steps that’ll lead to success.

They are:


Step 1. People

Travel Counsellors feautre

An important part of success to Shuttlewood is ensuring that people are placed in the right teams and their strengths are utilised properly.

“This will absolutely be our greatest asset,” she said.

“I want to build a high performance team that can help support and care for our TCs and help you build your business. To make our people accountable and give them ownership and clear deliverables.”

Speaking of TCs, Shuttlewood described them as “the foundation of our business” and is aiming to build a strong relationship with them all.

“We want to make sure you have the right tools and the right support services to make more business and success and I want to see constructive feedback.”


Step 2. Phenix


Shuttlewood said she’s keen to see  more Aussie Agents utilising the deals and commissions available through the in-house booking system, Phenix.

“I want to work on a development roadmap in Australia to further enhance Phenix’s features and benefits to induce efficiencies but ultimately create greater productivity for you guys.”


Step 3. Suppliers

Fiji Tourism Travel Counsellors

Relationships are key! That’s why Shuttlewood said she’s definitely going to focus on building strong, long-term partnerships with suppliers, which in-turn will provide amazing deals for customers.


Step 4. Communication

Travel Counsellors Collette

“Communication is three-way for me. It’s internal with the head office team so making sure all our team knows what’s going on, to our TCs and to our global team,” she explained.


Step 5. Growth

Travel Counsellors growth

“I want to focus on that sales drive to really help productivity. Sales is such a key focus for us and each and every one of you. I want to turbo charge sales in Australia and beyond.”


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What are your thoughts on Kaylene’s 5-step plan?