Will Chris Hemsworth be there? Will it be another celebrity? WHAT ARE THE FANTASTIC SURPRISES? All questions will be answered in the coming days as the Travel Counsellors Annual Conference kicks off!

Hundreds of home-based Agents and their closest suppliers gathered at the Pullman International in Cairns today for the group’s 2018 gathering where all talks, meetings and social gatherings will revolve around this year’s theme of… ‘a future without limits’.

Running for three days, attendees can expect to gain information on how to build their home businesses, while also learning about what’s ahead for the business overall.

10. Travel Counsellors

The group’s new Regional Managing Director, Kaylene Shuttlewood, will be around all weekend to meet Agents, answer their questions and share her plans for the company.

Earlier this month, Shuttlewood said she’s excited to meet everyone at this year’s conference and expects it to be an incredible conference.

“Cairns is a spectacular destination and the conference program is well put together, with some remarkable speakers and a couple of fantastic surprises not to be missed.”

Kaylene Shuttlewood, Travel Counsellors Regional Managing Director

What are these ‘fantastic surprises’?

There are rumours (that KARRYON straight up created) that it could be a special guest, such as one muscular Aussie actor, Chris Hemsworth.


We’ll know in a few days!

In the meantime, KARRYON will be in attendance this year so be sure to keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates.


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Are you or someone you know attending the conference this year?