The first-of-its-kind arrangement between traditional agency group and online travel agent is off to a strong start as Travellers Choice consultants embrace their new partnership with TripADeal.

The partnership, announced almost a month ago, was designed to create harmony between traditional and online by allow consultants to sell and make commission off of TripADeal’s curated exclusive deals.

According to Travellers Choice’s General Manager Marketing, Robyn Mitchell, members have welcomed the arrangement since it went live across the network on 9 October.

Travellers Choice_TAD_Lisa Cheso from Easy Travel and Cruise in Murray Bridge (SA) with the agency's Golden Ticket

“In addition members are now promoting our unique TripADeal connection through their local area marketing activities, which include everything from flyers and window vinyls to cinema advertising, travel expos and social media.”

Robyn Mitchell, Travellers Choice General Manager Marketing

Mitchell continued, saying more than 80 percent of members have logged onto TripADeal’s dedicated wholesale website for Travellers Choice and set up profiles.

Travellers Choice_TAD_Mark Brady from Ballina Cruise & Travel with the agency's Golden Ticket

To promote the ground-breaking agreement Travellers Choice and TripADeal recently rewarded consultants with a ‘golden ticket’ treat, every member received a TripADeal box containing some branded merchandise, sweets treats and background information. A couple of fortunate agencies also found a Golden Ticket inside the package giving them $500 towards their own TripADeal booking.

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What are your thoughts on the ground breaking partnership?