It ended as quickly as it began, but for those who can run their memories back about two weeks, there were some pretty priceless moments at the Travellers Choice conference.

Held in Perth last month, the Travellers Choice gathering of Travel Agents was one of much learning and socialising, with MD Christian Hunter sharing news of an upcoming mentorship program, reinforcing the immortality of consultants and recognising those who excelled over a 12-month period.

But of course, during every keynote speech, every social function and every time Andrew Daddo was on stage, there was one unforgettable moment that left Agents with either big smiles on their faces or in fits of laughter. Here are just a few:


1. When the conference opened with a special 40 years cupcake fountain

Travellers Choice 1


2. And when we couldn’t figure out who won the balloon popping competition



3. A Gold Medalist giving us an incredible display of his ‘Hello Boys’

Travellers Choice 3


4. And watching Wayne from Swagman Tours having a crack at the pommel horse

Travellers Choice 4


5. Pretty much everything that came out of Andrew Daddo’s mouth

Travellers Choice 6

That video with the wigs! That story about his son leaving the key in the door! So many LOLs.


6. Reminiscing about the difficulties in recording music during the era of tape



7. And playing ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’

Travellers Choice 5

Actually, that entire magic show was memorable.


8. And finally, that touching moment when Maria thanked John (and didn’t hog the microphone for 20 minutes)

Travellers Choice 8

Proving Travellers Choice members really are a close family.

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What were some of your favourite moments from the Travellers Choice Conference?