Adventure travel specialist, World Expeditions, has launched the Amazon Forest Appeal, to help protect the forest, its human communities and its wildlife.

Home to about three million species of plants and animals, and one million indigenous people, the Amazon rainforest is essential to life.

But it’s in trouble. The Amazon is currently experiencing the most intense blazes for almost a decade.

I’m not even being dramatic when I say this is catastrophic.

Thankfully, humanity has power in numbers and thanks to passionate organisations, such as World Expeditions, Earth Alliance and amazing individuals such as yourself, we are able to team up and make a positive difference, together.


How did this happen?

Karry On - Amazon Forest Appeal

The overall region is drier than in previous years, due to an unprecedented surge in deforestation.

The main drivers of this deforestation are large-scale cattle operations and feed crops, which are mostly illegal, along with some impacts from logging.

There has been less rain and drier grasslands, so once the fires start burning, they are almost impossible to control.


What is the Amazon Forest Appeal?

Karry On - Amazon Forest Appeal

The Amazon Forest Appeal will be administered through World Expeditions Foundation (WEF), with 100% of donations to be directed to Earth Alliance, an environmental foundation created by climate change crusader, Leonardo DiCaprio, and his philanthropic friends.

Every living, breathing creature on our Earth, is dependant on this eco-system.

One of the many reasons the destruction of the Amazon rainforest is so harmful to our planet is that the fires are rapidly releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is, at the same time, destroying an ecosystem that absorbs millions of tons of carbon emissions every year. The Amazon is one of the planet’s best defenses against the climate crisis and IT’S BURNING.

We must help, in any way possible, by raising awareness of what’s happening, being conscious of the products we consume and fighting deforestation by donating to the Amazon Forest Appeal.


What can we do to help?

Karry On - Amazon Forest Appeal

Click here to make a donation and click here to support World Expeditions.

Donations are being distributed directly to indigenous communities and other local partners combating the fires, protecting indigenous lands, and providing relief to the communities impacted.