If the idea of visiting Highclere Castle during a cruise made you giddy, then you’re going to love this. The home of Downton Abbey is available for an overnight stay on Airbnb.

Pull out the hair rollers and slip on your elbow-length evening gloves, the Crawley’s (or your other fave Downton Abbey characters) await.

Airbnb is giving two regal fans the chance to live and sleep like a Lady and Lord by opening the doors to the 5,000-acre estate.

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A night at the castle for two people (only)!

On 26 November 2019, the owner of Highclere Castle – Lady Carnarvon – will invite two super fans to immerse themselves in the 300-room property.

Although they probably won’t be able to access the entire estate, they will stay in one of the grand bedrooms and enjoy an evening of cocktails with Earl and Countess of Carnarvon in the Saloon.

A traditional dinner in the State Dining Room will also be available, which will be waited by one of Highclere Castle’s own butlers.

Other perks of the stay include coffee in the Library, and a private tour of the Highclere Castle’s extensive grounds that’ll include the Drawing Room, Gallery bedrooms and more.




No, you can roam around the 18th-century castle as you please. JOKES!

Of course, there are some restrictions.

For example, no pets are allowed. Sorry, better leave Charlie at home (or use one of the nine dog-friendly places on-site).

There’s no smoking in or around the castle, all newspapers must be ironed (ha!), and the cocktail dress is de rigueur for dinner.

Gossip is restricted to the downstairs quarters only and listening is midweek.

Oh, and the hardest rule of them all – guests will only receive one butler each (such a hard royal life).




Much like the Spice Girls bus listing, this is a one-time offer. So if you want in, read carefully.

The listing will go up on 1 October 2019 and 9.00pm (AEST). The successful applicant will have a verified profile, and positive reviews on their profile.

There’s also a welcome boost to their chance of winning the stay by adding a message about their passion for Downton Abbey.

The winner and their plus one will receive their royal stay on 26 November 2019.

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