Response to the news of Tempo Holidays and Bentours entering into voluntary administration has been one of sadness for retrenched staff and anger from agents around clarity on bookings.

Tempo Holidays and Bentours (AUS/NZ) issued a statement on Thursday to media that as of 3.00pm on Thursday the 19th September 2019, the business could no longer trade commercially.

In the statement, the company said they had been advised by Cox and Kings (India) that the business had in recent weeks been “seeking investors/buyers with heavy interest however as this has not been materialised, as of today Tempo Holidays and Bentours are unable to continue operating in AUS/NZ.”

The company said the board is currently in the process of “appointing an official administrator who will then coordinate with all the interested parties.” as well as saying that retrenched staff will be “working with respective agents/suppliers and clients to assist in next steps once confirmed.”

The appointed administrator now handling affairs is William Buck Australia.

Our Facebook breaking news story on Thursday drove an enormous amount of shock and support for the staff as well as anguish and questions for the business – with many agents in the dark as to guaranteeing forward bookings and fulfilling clients current travel.

Today, it appears that agents still don’t have any more clarity on answers they are seeking for their customers.


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What have trade partners said in response?


Hurtigruten who recently opened their first Australian office in Melbourne released a statement saying that they are “committed to working with affected agents and clients to confirm their Hurtigruten bookings. Hurtigruten will not cancel any agent or client bookings without consultation with that agent or client.”

Hurtigruten cruises say bookings for travel between October and December 2019 will be affected by the closure of Bentours and Tempo Holidays.

“Hurtigruten will work closely with agents and clients to offer travel solutions and alternatives arising from the Bentours, Cox & Kings and Tempo Holidays collapse.”

Hurtigruten Asia Pacific Managing Director Damian Perry

Hurtigruten also said that: “agents and clients with forward bookings through Bentours are advised to contact their agency head office to check on policies” or contact Hurtigruten at: [email protected], call 1300 322 062 or visit their dedicated landing page at

A number of other wholesale businesses who have also offered their support to help re-book urgent client trips already booked with Tempo Holidays and Bentours, though this is at a further cost to agents.

It’s understood that many other on the ground operators have also said that they will not cancel any agent or client bookings without consultation first.”


What have Tempo Holidays and Bentours said in response?


Bentours and Tempo Holidays had said last Thursday that they would release an official further statement detailing more information on Friday the 20th September.

However, to date, no further statement has been issued to media, agents or otherwise that has been informed of.

According to sources, administrators entered the Head offices both in Melbourne and Auckland last Friday, effectively locking out staff from the buildings, though it is believed some staff are answering calls.

News of Bentours and Tempo Holidays closure followed the announcement by AFTA less than four weeks ago on the 22nd of August 2019 of the cancellation of Tempo Holidays’ ATAS Accreditation.

At that time, Tempo Holidays were added to the Excluded list for ACS with AFTA saying that all payments made before the 22nd of August under the scheme would remain protected.

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