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“We have the most aggressive offer”: Titan Travel CEO John Constable interview

Less than a year after diving into the Australian market, Titan Travel is already making a splash. And its main target - beyond travellers of course - is the Aussie travel trade.

Less than a year after diving into the Australian market, Titan Travel is already making a splash. And its main target – beyond travellers of course – is the Aussie travel trade.

Sitting down with Karryon in Sydney, Titan Travel CEO John Constable says that unlike in its British base, the escorted touring company works exclusively with travel professionals Down Under. 

“We’re a 100 per cent trade business here in Australia and we’ve been hugely supported,” he says. 

Within six months of launching, Titan Travel has already booked “hundreds” of passengers for 2024. This demonstrates the demand for Titan’s “new and differentiated” products. 

“We’ve been super chuffed with the response we’ve had,” Constable states. 

In addition, Titan has opened bookings for 2025/26, with no less than 40 new destinations,and we just see bookings growing week on week”. 

“We probably have the most aggressive offer on all 24, 25, 26 departures, which is currently $1,250 off per person, so a lot of people are putting that towards flight credits and things like that for customers. So it’s really aiding that,” he says. 

“That discount is really to get people to experience our product because what we know with our product is we have an enormous high repeat from other markets and we’d like to see that here in Australia. So it’s an investment to get people understanding the product early on.” 

Moreover, its aggressive strategy is unrestricted. 

“We’re giving them something that’s hugely marketable in a space where traditionally it’s a percentage off and quite tactical and can be restricted. It’s for all departures, all bookings,” Constable explains. 

What Titan looks like

A well-known brand in the UK, the Briton says Titan Travel badges itself as “adventure made effortless”. 

Its fully escorted tours come with local guides, giving travellers an insider’s view of a destination. Tours are also flexible, allowing guests to adjust the pace to their preferences. 

Italy Titan Travel
Titan Travel’s tagline is ‘Adventure made Effortless’.

“So it’s not a one-size escorted tour that fits all. If you want to take a day a bit slower or want to opt out and do something different, our tour guides and tour managers who are on board will make that happen for you.”

When it comes to destinations, Constable says that Titan Travel takes travellers to “slightly more interesting and difficult places to get to individually”.

Where Aussies are going

Among its Australian clientele, the operator is seeing a desire to travel to a mix of destinations across different continents. 

“From this market, the trends we’ve seen very early on in terms of our offering have been Africa, Switzerland, Vietnam and the Mekong, and a little bit of Canada coming through… and Japan. So they would be the key areas,” he remarks. 

Of course, Titan’s extensive experience in Europe has also made Continental trips “very popular”.

“So Italy, Spain… and we’re expanding that next year into things like the Balearic Islands and new Greek product that I think will be very popular for this market. There’s probably not a continent that is not covered by us.”

Titan Travel is seeing a lot of interest in its South Africa trips.
Titan Travel is seeing a lot of interest in its South Africa trips.

Other new products are coming in Africa, where the company has witnessed a lot of interest from Australia. The new African program will include more immersive safari experiences, solo travel options and small group tours, Constable says.

Additionally, Titan is expanding its India program, which has seen strong interest due to increased air access from Australia.

In line with its approach to doing things a little differently, Titan Travel is introducing ‘Stay and Explore’ programs, where travellers stay in one location for the duration of a tour. This format, allowing guests to unpack once and enjoy daily excursions, has been particularly popular in Europe, the Titan boss says.

Downsizing up

One of the trends the tour operator has seen, including among Australians, is the rise in popularity of smaller group touring.

Normally, the average size of a Titan tour is around 30 guests, but Constable says “that smaller kind of 20-passenger touring is super popular, so we’ll be expanding that next year”.  

The smaller the group, the more important it is guests get along. With Titan a “natural fit” in Australia, Constable says the mix of British and Australian travellers has proven successful, with both groups enjoying the opportunity to meet and share experiences. This cultural exchange adds a unique dimension to Titan’s tours, he adds.

Constable says a typical customer is a professional in their mid-60s, confident in travelling and eager to connect with others. This is also a market that traditionally has flocked to travel professionals.

Trade ties

Julie Primmer and Lynda Wallace experience Europe with Titan Travel
Julie Primmer and Lynda Wallace experience Europe with Titan Travel.

“Our focus is really on supporting the trade, developing the trade. We’ve got our first educational going to Italy later in the year,” he tells Karryon

Additionally, Titan plans to enhance its booking portals and conduct roadshows to further engage and train their trade partners.

Constable says the operator is working with all of the “big guys” in Australia, but additionally “a lot of the independents have been very supportive”.

Titan is represented in Australia by Ascend Travel Group industry stalwarts Julie Primmer and Lynda Wallace  And they’ve been a busy pair.

“We’ve got a small team here right now and we’ll see where that goes… and look to expand that,” Constable says. 

“But we’ve got a small but incredibly effective team that understands the retail trade very well.”

Titan Travel launched in Australia in August 2023. To register with the operator, head to its dedicated agent webpage.