Excite Holidays has been placed into voluntary administration following weeks of confusion for Travel Agents who were hit with the shocking realisation that pre-paid bookings for their clients were not being honoured.

Excite informed agents on its agent portal late on Friday that KPMG’s Morgan Kelly, Phil Quinlan and Amanda Coneyworth have been appointed Voluntary Administrators of the company.

The post also says any queries should now be directed to [email protected]

Karryon has received an influx of emails from anxious Agents since the end of December, with many reporting pre-paid bookings cancelled without their knowledge.

Many told us their clients had arrived at destinations to find no transfers or hotel reservations paid for, or worse, cancelled altogether.

This, in turn, means agents and travel agencies (including small independent companies) are carrying the debt of having to pay for their client’s arrangements.

Elizabeth Ellis of Cherrybrook Travel, for example, has shared details of what a “financial nightmare” it has been for her independent agency.

“We have had people with cancelled arrangements in New Zealand Thailand and Japan,” she said.

“We have been rebooking all bookings, and have huge increases on some that are not prepaid. But the biggest concern is our travelling clients”.

Elizabeth Ellis Cherrybrook Travel

The 'Earth' Stressball

We also received an email from a disgruntled Excite BDM who wishes to remain anonymous. They commented that Excite BDMs were told they were on paid leave until today (January 13th).

“Somehow, I doubt there will be a paycheck at the end of the month though,” they said.

“Agents are incredulous, and BDM reputations are being ruined for any future in the travel industry. Team Leaders are not communicating at all”.

Anonymous Excite BDM

Other travel companies have now stepped in to try and support those left in the lurch by the situation.

Viva Holidays has set up a special hotline on 1300 552 323 to support agents.

Online wholesaler STUBA is offering “Agents Discount” rates for Australian and New Zealand Travel Agents who have been affected by the closure of excite. Find out more at [email protected]

Destination specialist Beyond Travel has also stepped in, offering rates at cost for agents with affected bookings and extra trained staff on board.

Agents wishing to speak with a member of the sales and reservations team should call 1300 363 554 or email [email protected]