You’re probably wondering, what’s classified as Gold Medal winning advice? It can be great, practical and important, but Gold Medal winning? Well, it’s when it’s delivered to you in first person by a Gold Medal winning athlete – that’s how!

It may sound a little far fetched taking advice from a sportsman on how to be successful Travel Agents but as Aussie gymnast, Brennon Dowrick explains it, it’s all working towards one goal…


Speaking to some 300 industry professionals at the Travellers Choice conference over the weekend, Dowrick said reaching success requires commitment and focus, not only on the end game but the path to achieving it.

Travellers Choice 2

“Achieving your dreams and goals is rewarding, but it’s the process of getting there that’s exciting.”

Brennon Dowrick, Australian Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

He continued, saying that the pathway to your goals may be tough but “if it’s worth striving for, then it’s worth the hard work”.

Back to that Gold Medal winning advice that all Travel Agents should live by:


1. Build success on a strong foundation

Master the basics and work your way up. Don’t skip a step thinking it’ll get you to your end game faster because it may actually set you back.


2. Have confidence


If you’re lacking confidence because you’re unsure of a destination or don’t feel qualified to sell certain properties, study up on it. Build your confidence. It’ll be worth it.


3. Have self belief


Don’t doubt your expertise. Even when a traveller with great Google skills starts to question your knowledge.


4. Be innovative & deal with change

The industry is changing, fast, and you shouldn’t just be keeping up with it, you should be ahead of it. Be the first to try new marketing techniques or new approaches to customer service and the results may surprise you.


5. Team work


You may work individually or separate from any major groups, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Find people to connect with, share ideas, and knowledge – together you’re stronger.

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What are your tips for success?