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BEST. MANAGER. EVER: How finding a mentor can help lift you higher

Is your manager keeping an eye on the Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME)? If not, nudge them towards it, not only for the company's benefit but to help you stay inspired.

Is your manager keeping an eye on the Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME)? If not, nudge them towards it, not only for the company’s benefit but to help you stay inspired.

A really effective manager gives more than just a pat on the back (or a slap on the hand), they help a good employee be great, or a great employee advance up the corporate ladder – and if they can’t be a mentor then they find one.

One great tool for managers to really inspire and help someone in their team is the Travel Industry Mentor Experience. TIME is in the business of offering its mentees challenging ideas, new ways of thinking and different ways of tackling problems.


How it works

Could you use a travel industry mentor?

Could you use a travel industry mentor?

Participants in the scheme will be assigned their very own Mr Miyagi, only their mentor will be an expert in travel rather than karate. Once the two have been matched based on the mentees goals then they have an initial meeting and induction, plus a series of one-to-one meetings over the course of six months.

“For someone to come on the program they have to have been in the industry for three years at least and its aimed at middle management,” says Marie Allom TIME program director.

Then they can help grow skills like leadership, public speaking and conflict resolution.


How do you I get involved?


“If I was working for Trafalgar or Contiki I would obviously put my hand up to my line manager and say to them, ‘I’m interested in developing these skills would you be interested in putting me through the program’,” says Allom.

Allom adds that there is a letter on their website to help employees approach their line managers with a request to be a mentee.


Top-down approach


But a crack manager will also be on the lookout for staff that would really benefit from their very own TIME Yoda – people who are committed to making the travel industry their job for life. It might be someone who is excelling in all areas, or a really promising talent that needs improvement.

“Managers would look for someone showing flair for progressing along the management lines and the manager has probably recognised a specific area where they need particular guidance,” Allom says


Why do you need a mentor?


There are many reasons why a mentor works. Mentors can often spot weaknesses that we (and our close colleagues) are blind to. They can often encouragement during tough times. But one of the most important roles for a mentor is to be a safe place to bounce ideas around, which is why mentors are always matched with mentees in different travel companies.

“It allows them to be totally honest with someone outside the company because if they are having a conflict and don’t know how to handle a manager, someone outside will give them a totally different advice because they do not know the person they are talking about,” Allom says.

Get involved with something that can help you #travelforlife at TIME.

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