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DIY 'Self-Iso Home Hotel' Reviews: Samantha's By The Sea, Byron Bay

Normally we’d be bringing you the world's best hotel reviews – but given we’re pretty limited in our evaluating capacity right now, instead we’re bringing you some different types of properties. Like my place in Byron Bay.

Normally we’d be bringing you the world’s best hotel reviews – but given we’re pretty limited in our evaluating capacity right now, instead we’re bringing you some different types of properties. Like my place in Byron Bay.

Welcome to ‘Samantha’s By The Sea’.

Located in the heart of peace, love & drum circles, this adorable little beach house offers a relaxed place to enjoy the sound of the birds and the ocean waves.

First impressions… When I saw this hotel-home available for an extended period of self-isolation I jumped at the chance. I feel like I’ll need “chilled vibes” and copious amounts of crystals to get me through.


Check-in & beyond

Hotel Review

Welcome to the wild

After fighting my way through what can be only be described as an ‘impenetrable rainforest’ style garden area, I arrived at my isolation accommodation.

The reception area fairly respectable and the welcome was warm; I was treated to a rather unique interpretative welcome dance. I could also tell that the owners saged their space regularly, as it has an extremely soothing energy. I instantly felt at home.


The rooms

Hotel Review

Sweet dreams

The accommodation has two main bedrooms, with couch space if times get desperate. The bedrooms are fairly decent sizes, both with triple wardrobes, eye-catching artwork and giant dreamcatchers to help you sleep soundly, amidst this pandemic chaos!

I really like the rooms in this place; especially as they each come with lavender pillow mist and eye masks, which I thought was a nice touch. My only complaint is that the thread count on the sheets could be better!


Food & drinks

Hotel Review

A fridge full of goodies

I’d say Samantha’s By The Sea has more of a ‘fend for yourself’ kinda vibe when it comes to mealtimes. The food available is rather varied; lots of veggies, falafel, chocolate and chia… you know, all the fun stuff.

Thankfully, when it comes to the evening, the resident chef, Thomas, prepares a nutritious hot meal for all his guests. I’d give Thomas’ cooking 4.5 stars.

The drink choice is between water, tea or champagne. If you love a good cuppa, this place is a wonderland. There’s an array of different leaves to try, so knock yourself out!

There is a nice little balcony area, with a table that overlooks the excessive foliage.



Hotel Review

The zen room

As we’re all in self-iso right now, activities are rather limited, so the numerous bikes, golf clubs, and surfboards scattered around the place will have to stay put for the moment.

The quiet beach is just a hop skip and a jump across the road, so you can take a wander to the ocean and successfully stay well within the ‘social distancing’ rules.

There is no designated workspace, so I have the freedom to work wherever I please. Wifi is pretty decent for this area, however, I can’t get phone reception, which is both a blessing and a curse!

If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can head down to the meditation room; which is a wonderful space, filled with crystals and cushions. It’s the perfect spot to unwind or practice yoga after a long day of not moving all that much!


The Verdict

Hotel Review

Practicing social distancing before it was cool.

Samantha’s By The Sea may not be as lavish as Hemsie’s place, but it offers a sense of love and security that I am very grateful for.

Room rates are negotiable (after your COVID-19 test comes back clear) and include free tarot readings and the best cups of English Breakfast tea you’ve ever tasted.

I’d give this stay 4.5 / 5. It would have been 5 stars if the owners had a dog!


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