They say that change is as good as a holiday, and for the most part I believe (and secretly hope) this statement to be true. Whilst it can be challenging and confronting to make a change, the positive consequences and growth you experience can be so inspiring to not only you, but those around you.

When it comes to your career, many of us are so busy juggling parenthood, careers, mortgages, health, relationships and family commitments to take the time to reflect on where we could improve ourselves.

Often, especially in parenthood, we treat ourselves as an afterthought and although a passion may be yearning inside of us, it is often squashed and suppressed by the monotony of the daily grind … Doing what you feel is the right thing can often lead you into situations where you are not being the most authentic version of yourself.

So.. What do we do when we find ourselves at a Crossroads? When we are presented with an opportunity we know we should explore an opportunity although it would be wayyyyy “easier” to stay in our comfort zone?

I say JUMP…

Here is a little disclaimer however:  

It is easy to get caught up with dazzling offers, fancy titles and ESPECIALLY that beautiful feeling that comes from escaping something you are no longer feeling good about… So please take a moment to ponder these points

Your Work/life Balance … We are often so focused on what an employer can offer us,  however the key is actually for us to examine how the role fits with us! As an example, is your new office a longer commute? Can you still make the gym at lunch time? Is the new team full of happy people that are supportive? Work is a huge part of your life.We know that we spend more time with colleagues then we do our families, so make sure you are confident about the physical and emotional space you are moving into.

Does this move align with your Life Goals? This one is kinda personal for everyone…also arguably the most important. Whether your goals include becoming more financially free, having less stress, helping others or spending more time with the family, ensure you are aligned!

What do you feel? Fear is actually the best emotion you could be feeling at this point. It means this opportunity is exciting you and it will help you grow….If you have an  UNEASY feeling however, this can be a huge red flag that you should definitely pay attention to.



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