I was on the back-end of a 6-week holiday, during which I stayed at 10 properties in 10 cities across two continents & the Andaz West Hollywood topped every one of them by giving me one simple thing…

… free water.

Yep, free water!

It may sound like a ridiculous thing to applaud but when other properties are charging around AU$5 per bottle, it’s definitely something worth celebrating.

Andaz West Hollywood free water

Image: Andaz West Hollywood

Four bottles of water were available in my Standard Two Queen Bedroom, an unlimited number of bottles were available for pick up in the lobby AND the hotel even offered fresh fruit-infused water for those with refillable bottles.

There was definitely no chance of dehydration here.

Andez West Hollywood room

Image: Andaz West Hollywood

If that wasn’t generous enough, the hotel went above and beyond to ensure I had a truly comfortable and carefree stay by taking away the one thing all travellers hate – extra charges.

For example, in addition to free water, my room came with free snacks (including chocolate BTW), there were other free non-alcoholic beverages, free earbuds (yeah, just in case the sound of the city seeped through soundproof windows), access to a free gym and free pool and free wi-fi.

Andaz West Hollywood Pool

Image: Andaz West Hollywood

But that’s not all!

The most generous non-all-inclusive hotel in California (maybe even the world) had free wine tasting nightly in the lobby! So technically, even alcohol was free.

Andaz West Hollywood lobby

Image: Andaz West Hollywood

But of course freebies aren’t the only reason I labelled Andaz West Hollywood one of my favourite properties (although it’s a damn good one!), it’s the hotel’s unique interior that made it a real winner.

The Andaz distinguished itself from other hotels by fusing West Hollywood’s rock n’ roll heritage together with a modern day minimalist style to create a fresh throwback vibe.

Andaz West Hollywood rock n roll

Image: Andaz West Hollywood

This was best captured in the lobby where traditional check-in desks and clunky computers were replaced with a single petite table and a removable laptop, leaving vacant spaces to be filled with remnants of the building’s celebrity heritage, including items reminiscent of the time Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards threw a TV from the 10th floor balcony and when Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant declared himself a “golden god”.

Meanwhile, the rooms were spacious and comfortable, providing the best sleep I’d had in six weeks, while staff were delightful, efficient and genuinely happy to be there.

TIP: Try the fruit-infused water in the lobby and then head to the Comedy Store, which is literally next door, for some laughs.

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