A rubber duck might be a cute feature in a hotel bathroom, but at the Peabody Memphis, they have real-life resident ducks! Pre-fam for Travel South International Showcase 2019, read on for a review of one of Memphis’ most iconic properties.

It seems utterly quackers to expect to see a duck during a downtown hotel stay in a thriving metropolis, but at the 4-star Peabody Memphis, it’s a twice-daily occurrence.

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The Duck March started in the way that all good traditions start – with a drunken joke to bring ducks to the property’s fountain.

Since the 1930s, a rotation of ducks has been trained to take a morning march from their ‘duck palace’ on the Peabody’s roof, to the hotel lobby, and back again at 5 pm.

The ducks have a short-lived career, with a 3-month residency before a cushy retirement life.


Check-in & Beyond

Karryon - Peabody Memphis

Aside from the chaos of the lobby (thanks to a Christmas event – the Peabody knows how to pull a crowd), the check-in was straightforward. A room switch was also handled with ease.


The Rooms

Karryon - Peabody Memphis

Peabody Memphis Deluxe King Room

‘Tasteful’ is a fabulous adjective for the rooms at the Peabody. They reflect the history of the building without dating the rooms. The stylish furnishings and ornate finishings offer a sense of grandeur and classiness. My room’s dark blue signature wall and matching mid-century modern armchair were my favourite touches.

The bathroom is clean and modern with a good tub to soak in after a long day exploring Memphis.


Food & Drinks

Karryon - Peabody Memphis

Image: Trey Clark

You’re not going to starve if the hotel suddenly gets locked down. Between the classic French cuisine at Chez Philippe, the Italian steaks at Capriccio Grill, and the sumptuous desserts and deli items at Peabody Deli and Desserts, there’s something for every level of hunger and cravings. The deli (and desserts, don’t forget the desserts), offers free tea and coffee from 6am to 10am.

Perfect if you prefer a shot of caffeine to get you going instead of continental.

As you might expect with such a historical bond with drakes and mallards, you won’t find duck on any Peabody dining menu, unless it’s a duck-shaped cookie!



Karryon - Peabody Memphis

Peabody Memphis Athletic Club & Pool – Credit: Trey Clark

If you want to work off those desserts, the on-site spa, gym, sauna, and pool are available for guest use. For a little pampering, Feathers Spa offers a range of treatments – great if you’re in town for a little Memphian-style partying.


Get Your Ducks in a Row

Karryon - Peabody Memphis

The Duck March – Credit: Peabody Memphis

It would be possibly criminal to stay at the Peabody and not attend one of the time-honoured Peabody Duck Marches.

Held at 11am and 5pm daily, the ducks adorably flap, waddle, and walk their way down a red carpet, all to the cooing echoes of the crowd. It’s a free event and over in minutes, but if you reserve a table, grab a drink, and hang with your buddies (or make new ones), then this is an awesome alternative to happy hour at a duck-less bar.


The Verdict

Karryon - Peabody Memphis

Peabody Memphis Rooftop River View

If you’re looking for a classy stay in a long-admired Memphian property, the Peabody ticks a ton of boxes. Location, history, and the Peabody’s proximity to the upbeat vibes on Beale Street make this a no-brainer for a classy Memphis stay.


The Deets

Karryon - Peabody Memphis

To get your ducks in a row to stay at the Peabody, you need the deets. The property’s lead lead-in rates are around USD219. To reach Memphis from Australia, connect via Dallas or Houston. From the airport, Uber is the easiest way to reach the heart of the city and the Peabody Memphis.

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