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Tinder as a Travel App? Surely not.

Looking for a hookup in NYC or a bit of romance in Paris on your next trip? 'Check- in' to wherever you may be in the world and take the Tinder show on the road.

Looking for a hookup in NYC or a bit of romance in Paris on your next trip? ‘Check- in’ to wherever you may be in the world and take the Tinder show on the road.

Travelling the world on your lonesome can often be a drag if you crave social interaction and an occasional cultural exchange with someone.

Sure, people have been hooking up on their travels way before the Internet was introduced to mankind, but since Tinder and other apps such as HelloTel have come along for your mobile, it’s made the whole dating on the road thing a lot more efficient.

It’s simply becomes a matter of checking-in for “business” or “pleasure.” You have the dating power in your hand. It’s ‘global roaming’ on steroids.

Rather than sitting uncomfortably in a bar waiting to be chatted up by a stranger, HelloTel for example allows you to be proactive and set up a date with someone you’re physically attracted to close by (the app, much like Tinder is very looks driven) and have something in common with.


Bring the Tinder show on the road!

If you’re among the millions of people who already use the dating app Tinder, you probably know that it can potentially be the catalyst for everything from one-night stands to marriage proposals and a whole lot more.

So how can you turn the most notorious dating app of our time into your best wing-man when travelling? Since Tinder is using your Facebook account to suggest possible matches with nearby users you simply just need to ‘check-in’ at your new location and take the show on the road.

It could get you into a lot of trouble. It could also lead to being a beautiful thing. In the words of Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies – “Swipe on, swipe off”. Or was it wipe on, wipe off?


The text message from Mr. “Fun in the bed :))”, Siena, Yahoo Travel

But Tinder isn’t the only dating app available on the market. There are other options such as Hinge, an app that lets you meet people in your extended social circles, HelloTel as mentioned which makes hotel check-ins just a tad more exciting and Grouper (Nothing to do with fish by the way. It’s for people who prefer to date in groups).

Checking in for ‘Business’ or ‘Pleasure’?

HelloTel is an app that turns any hotel check-in into a rich social network by first asking you to to select whether you have checked into their hotel for “business” or “pleasure.”  It then allows you to browse through a social feed of everyone else checked into your hotel or a hotel nearby.

The app also let you interact with other guests, post pictures, and even send private messages to the hotel guests, for example, if they want to meet for a drink in the hotel bar. And if Joe in room 457 starts to creep you out, HelloTel comes with security settings giving you the option to prohibit users from viewing your location and also blocking them from messaging you. Ciao Joe. Very useful.


Poll result from Yahoo Travel.


Have you used any of these other apps on your travels? What was your experience like? Go on, be honest!