The Spanish are THE masters at living the good life, and through centuries of refinement they’ve perfected a string of traditions that work so well in keeping everybody so bloody happy every single day.

From siestas to tapas to on-tap non alcoholic beer, us Aussies could definitely take a few pages – possibly even a whole chapter – from our Spanish brothers and sisters on how to live the good life.

Here are three reasons why we should be jealous of Spain, and why we should totally imitate them…


1. Non-alcoholic beer is actually popular in Spain


Spain consumes more non-alcoholic beer than anywhere else in the world, and you’ll often find at least one no-booze beer on tap at the local bar. A large reason why the Spanish adore drinking beer without getting drunk is due to their drinking habits. It’s common to find the bars packed at all hours of the day and night in Spain, and a cold beer especially goes down well during the warmer months.

However, everyone knows what it’s like to day drink: lethargy and fatigue usually follows. But by downing non-alcoholic beer, the Spanish are able to keep up with the socialising without getting sloshed. Now isn’t this something we could adopt here in Australia?


2. Siestas help you slow down and actually enjoy life


Another Spanish cultural tradition that we should definitely petition for here in Australia is the siesta: a break during the hottest part of the day (from midday until 3pm or so), usually reserved for sleeping and food. A siesta is a conscious effort to stop and take a well-earned break. It’s a head nod to a slower pace of life, one that’s predicated on living the good life instead of living the work life.

Although it’s pretty frustrating as a traveller trying to adopt to Spanish working hours (which often results in nothing being open when you need it to be), the trick is to just adapt yourself. You’ll soon be seeing the benefits of having that well-earned rest during the afternoon and recharging your batteries for the rest of the day and night.


3. Tapas prevent you from getting (too) sloshed


Australians, in general, have a pretty awful relationship to drinking. We don’t drink to mingle and socialise, but rather to get as drunk as we can as quickly as we can. Yep, we’re binge drinkers (most of us, anyway) and we don’t consume food when we go out until the very end.

But the Spanish know better. Tapas (small plates of food that are served FREE in some parts of Spain, such as Granada) stop you from getting overly sloshed and making an ass of yourself. They’re also effective in stopping the dreaded hangover the next day. And they’re bloody tasty too!

Do you think we could learn an awful lot from the Spanish in living the good life? Let us know in the comments below.