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Travel Writer Recreates Insta Images To Reflect Life In 2020

What can a travel writer do when they can't travel? They can recreate cliché travel mems from the comfort of their own home... of course.

What can a travel writer do when they can’t travel? They can recreate cliché travel mems from the comfort of their own home… of course.

Say hello to the Celeste Barber of the travel world.

South-Africa based travel writer, Sharon Waugh would usually be found gallivanting the globe, like many other people who work in the travel industry and love to fill their lives with as many adventures as possible.

But BAM. 2020 happened and the days of Santorini sunsets, Eiffel tower proposals, and Bali swing photos have come to a halt.

Cue Sharon’s hilarious reminiscing Instagram reenactments, created to pass the time and entertain her followers until the world can travel internationally once more…

Instagram Travel Writer

This is how Sharon is getting her thrills this year…

Instagram Travel Writer

Oh, just look at that crystal clear water. It’s almost as if it’s from a tap.

And YAY, she found Nemo!

Instagram Travel Writer

And who said a bottle of wine wasn’t all you needed to bring back 1000 memories?

Instagram Travel Writer

Those barrel feels…

Instagram Travel Writer

It’s nice to see that sense of humour is strong this year.

Check out that epic leaning tower of Duplo. It must have taken years to construct.

Instagram Travel Writer

Floating… to sleep. In this cosy plank position.

Instagram Travel Writer

Who needs a safari trip of a lifetime to Kenya in 2020 when you have plenty of majestic wildlife roaming around your home?

Instagram Travel Writer

Other images on this brilliant account feature a waterfall hike, follow me to Bangkok, a rather marvellous toilet roll Taj Mahal, a rock climb, the big pineapple, the Sydney Opera House and much, much more.

Thank you for the laughs Sharon, 2020 has been an interesting one, but we’re pleased you’re seeing the fun side of it.

Here’s to the future of travel.

Click here to follow Sharon’s adventures.

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