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WHY CAMP WHEN YOU CAN GLAMP? Three of the best spots in South America

Featuring luxury safari style tents, deluxe domes with stunning views and eco-friendly camps with superior comfort, you'll never want to rough it again!

Featuring luxury safari style tents, deluxe domes with stunning views and eco-friendly camps with superior comfort, you’ll never want to rough it again!

Glastonbury, the world’s largest festival, will descend on the English countryside next month and 175 000 revellers will be assembling their tents amid dry, daisy dotted pastures under cloudless skies. Or fending off the rain, sipping on a warm can of cider, while trying to locate tent pegs buried under an avalanche of good old West Country mud.

Sounds fun, no? If, however, you prefer your weekend dwellings a little more weather proof and your sparkly a touch more chilled, then read on for South American glamping experiences which will have even the most unlikely camper sleeping under a starry sky.




The growing land-based market in the Galapagos Islands has got niche accommodations really raising the, ahem, tent pole high.

The journey to Scalesia Lodge on the archipelago’s largest island, Isabela, sees you pad through an ethereal Scalesia forest (a tree endemic to the Galapagos Islands) before reaching a clearing where safari style tents emerge between bursts of tropical flora.

Each 53m squared ‘tent’ has its own wooden veranda with either forest or Pacific Ocean views and is entered under lock and key – no messing around with zips here. A huge, comfortable bed and a hot, powerful shower awaits, and the unexpectedly gourmet restaurant serves up fancy fare.



Credit: Amazing Escapes, copyright 2019

Step aside Richard Branson because Bolivia has its own moonscape; the Uyuni Salt Flats, situated at a breath-stealing altitude of 3600 metres.

Opening in 2019, Kachi Lodge consists of six super deluxe white domes popping up from the crater-like scenes and a communal lodge where budding astronomers can gaze out of the tessellated windows at a glittering, velvet night sky.

Amenities in each dome are akin to a boutique hotel room, yet the views are like no other. You don’t even have to get up to see them – the bed looks directly onto the sublime salt flats – but with activities such as hiking to an island spiked with giant cacti or to the fiery-hued Tunupa volcano available, you might just be able to tempt yourself away.



Credit: Peru Eco Camp

Always wanted to see Machu Picchu but the thought of setting up your own digs along the busy Inca Trail by night has limited appeal?

The lesser-worn paths of the Salkantay Trail have masterfully placed camps en route to South America’s most iconic sight, courtesy of Peru Eco Camp. This low-impact experience will envelop you in an eco bliss of organic gardens and renewable energy without compromising on luxury – beds are of the king-size variety, bathrooms are private, and the Andean cuisine is designed according to each camp’s altitude. We can see how they coined the phrase ‘home sweet dome…’


Kachi Lodge – Credit: Amazing Escapes, copyright 2019

Latin America specialists, Chimu Adventures can organise bespoke glamping experiences in South America based on your interests so put down the tinnie, raise a glass of bubbly and leave those tent pegs well and truly at home.


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Now we’ve converted you to glamping, where do you want to glamp?

Written by Frances Armitage at Chimu Adventures