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HOT or NOT: the best and worst of travel

Our weekly ‘Hot or Not’ series brings you some of the highs and lows in this week’s travel news headlines.

Our weekly ‘Hot or Not’ series brings you some of the highs and lows in this week’s travel news headlines.




1. Qantas goes ‘All Black’ after losing Air NZ wager


Qantas staff may be green and gold at heart but today their souls (and outfits) will be painted ‘all black’ after the carrier lost a Rugby World Cup (RWC) wager to Air New Zealand.

What started out as friendly banter between the two competing carriers on social media quickly turned into a heated #AirlineWager with the pair putting bets on what the other should do if their national team lost the game.

They considered painting the opposing team’s colours on their aircraft, but that seemed a little drastic. They even tossed about the idea of telling their pilots to speak the other airline’s name during select flights.

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2. The Captain does Movember


The moustache is back for Movember, and the Captain is getting in on the action.

In an effort to raise money and support for Movember, the one and only Flight Centre Captain is ditching the clean-shaven look and growing a wicked moustache for the entire month of November.

It’s unclear at this stage what type of lip rug the Captain will sport: will it be The Trucker? The Connoisseur? Or perhaps The Rockstar? We’re not sure, but whatever style he chooses, no doubt he’ll look particularly dashing with his trademark pilot’s cap!

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3. Air NZ gives the All Blacks a legendary welcoming

Haka hot

Rugby World Cup champions the Men in Black aka the All Blacks touched down in New Zealand after their historic win to a ceremonial haka.

Weathering the rainy conditions at Auckland International Airport, Air New Zealand staff decked in yellow hi-viz vests put on a powerful haka performance for the incoming champions – right on the tarmac.

Several of the All Blacks were seen filming the impromptu haka with their phones from inside the Boeing 777.

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1. How many Aussies were arrested overseas last year?

prison not

We know Australians like to have fun, drink a little and get a little rowdy while holidaying, but we didn’t realise so many were ending their trips in an overseas four-by-four cell.

According to a new Consular State of Play report released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) today, around 1,256 Aussies were arrested while on holidays over the 2014/15 year – up 49 on the prior year and up 116 compared to five years ago.

Although high, the figure is only a small percent of the 1.83 million Australians that travelled overseas over the 12 months.

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2. Ash clouds over Bali… again


Flights to and from Bali were disrupted once again this week as ash from Mt Rinjani clouded over air space.

Dozens of flights have been cancelled to and from Australia, leaving thousands of holidaymakers stranded.

However, the ‘stuck in Bali’ have maintain a good disposition, posting hilarious #StuckinBali tweets.

Have you read anything HOT or NOT in travel this week?