Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Channel 9 has announced plans to start filming a new reality TV show that hopes to help travel agents across Australia find true love.

The timing couldn’t be better. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and if you’re currently single (or wish you were), you won’t have to wait much longer for your chance to find real love.

In a TV first, Consultations of Love, which will begin filming in Sydney on April 20, seeks to pair up single travel agents in the Australian travel industry who are looking for that special someone. Taking place in an actual travel agency in the Sydney CBD, the agents will sit down to candle-lit consultations in the hopes of finding true, lasting love, away from the madness of boozed-up Buzz nights and afterwork drinks.

According to our inside source, Channel 9 has committed to a 12 episode season of Consultations of Love, and 54 hopeful romantics have already been confirmed to appear on the show.

James Buddy, a former travel agent from Brisbane who originally came up with the idea, said that he had the idea for the show after coming home from a Tinder date that didn’t go too well. Disappointed after finding out his date hated travelling and didn’t even own a passport, Buddy felt dejected, and turned to the TV with a glass of wine to drink his sorrows away.

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Living in London at the time, Buddy just happened to switch the telly on as the season final of First Dates was just starting up. And that’s when he had his epiphany.

Putting his love of travel together with his desperate attempts to find that special someone, Buddy conceived of the show in “one massive flash of inspiration.” He later took that idea back to Australia and presented it to Channel 9 big wigs who absolutely loved the idea.

“I knew that my idea would never work here in the UK. It had to be based in Australia, and Sydney came to mind. So I booked a flight the next day and packed my bags,” Buddy told KarryOn exclusively.

For Buddy, Consultations of Love is more than just a reality TV show; it addresses a need in the travel industry.

“Agents have trouble finding love, and a part of that reason is that it’s so difficult to find the time to meet people outside of work. That could be seen as a bad thing, but it’s actually not, because working in the industry means you get to meet people that share your love of travel.”

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Consultations of Love will give travel agents with romantic aspirations a chance to meet someone who floats their boat and shares their love of travel. Agents already have so much in common with each other anyway, and agents know how stressful the job can be for each other. I really do think that couples that meet through the show have a serious chance of finding someone that will be with them forever!”

We hope so too.

Stay tuned to KarryOn for more dazzling details as they come to light…

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously unless you want to that is.

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