Long before we looked to the bird types to analyse ourselves, we looked to the stars, and today on KarryOn we’re keeping with tradition and continuing our Travel Agent Astrology series. Next up? Cancer.

Cancer travel agents, born between 22 June and 22 July, are undoubtedly some of the most persuasive and loyal members of your team, which makes them excellent travel agents.

People trust a Cancer, and why wouldn’t they? Their heart is usually in the right place, and they (usually; see below!) only want what’s best for the client.

Cancer travel agents are highly intuitive and can often pick up on things around them that others simply can’t. This ability is great when trying to determine how best to sell to someone (what bird type are they?) but less so when they find themselves in a negative office environment.


Because of their deep ties to their family, they are especially good at handling family enquiries and can relate well with both the parents and the kids. Indeed for many families, Cancer travel agents are much more than “just an agent” but are valued for the excellent service and care they provide day in, day out.

Also, their sympathetic nature means that they can handle customer complaints and emergency situations better than most. First off, they make the other person feel “heard” and valued. And secondly, their natural tenacity (ring any bells Taurus travel agents?) means they’ll do whatever it takes to help others in their time of need and leap to the rescue!

However, as with all Zodiac signs, the good doesn’t come without the bad.

Cancer travel agents usually do what’s best for the client, often putting the client ahead of any personal interests. But this isn’t always the case. When feeling insecure – which unfortunately is a lifelong companion for most Cancerians – they can be uber manipulative to get what they feel they rightfully deserve.

Indeed, they’re liable to be very selfish at times (although not as bad as an Aries), and this can often erupt in fits of rage!


Cancer travel agents can also be very moody (like a Pisces) and pessimistic at times, which again is something they’ll have to learn to live with. (As as antidote, Cancerians often feel much better when around water, so perhaps start swimming or go for walks along the beach?)

One of the main life lessons for Cancer travel agents to learn is to take the good with the bad: their emotional qualities are simultaneously the source of both their suffering and their joy – the key is learning how to minimise one and maximise the other…

Strengths: Persuasive, creative, intuitive, loyal, sympathetic

Weaknesses: Moody, manipulative, selfish, pessimistic, insecure

Famous Cancerians: Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Jack White, Tom Hanks, Missy Elliott, Bill Cosby, Julian Assange, Cat Stevens

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Is this an accurate description of a typical Cancer travel agent?