Journey Beyond Sep campaign
Journey Beyond Sep campaign

"We Care": ATG Share Together In Travel Message With Home Video To Support Agents

The friendly faces of the ATG team would like to give all agents a message of togetherness and support; simply and powerfully put "We Care".

The friendly faces of the ATG team would like to give all agents a message of togetherness and support; simply and powerfully put “We Care”.

It’s always wonderful to see the industry pulling together and supporting each other during these tough times.

The video, (keep scrolling) recently sent to Karryon from the legends at ATG, shows every member of its travel family, with a big smile on their face, working hard at home, supporting agents and clients.

“It’s a crazy world at the moment and we are all doing the very best we can to get through to the other side. We just want to let you know you’re not on your own and we care – we are all in this together.


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We spoke with Susan Haberle, APT Travel Group (ATG) General Manager Sales to find out how the company is rocking and rolling through these turbulent times.

How does ATG keep that team spirit shining, even when staff are working from home?

We always have embraced the ONE Team, ONE Industry approach and in these times it is stronger than ever!

We are very focussed on keeping our strong culture alive amongst our team during these times – this includes regular contact, clear communication and a focus on staying connected and focussing on the GEM principles of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.

What do you feel are three positives of working from home?

Getting to be creative with how we support and interact with our agents! We have zoom chats and Skype meetings of course, but we have also shared cooking videos, interviews with our remote BMs and Tour Guides, destination specific video guides… and we are working on more ideas each day. The team has stepped up to be so versatile and agile in these times it is amazing to see, (not surprising) but amazing!

A bonus is of course being able to wear slippers – business up top / relaxed below!

How are ATG going above and beyond in regards to supporting agents, helping clients?

Our first priority when COVID struck was to repatriate all clients who were OS and work with their travel agent to return them as soon as possible.

As always, we want to make things as easy as possible for our agents, in regards to our suspensions, we have been personally calling all our affected travellers on our agents behalf to notify of the suspension and their Future Holiday Credit available to them. The feedback we have received with this personalised approach has been extremely positive from both our trade partners and mutual clients.

Can you spot your ATG friends?

This video does an amazing job at showcasing ATG team members scattered across multiple divisions and areas, and includes friendly faces of Rob McGeary, Chris Hall, Deb Fox, Susan Haberle, Scotty Ellis and many many more!

We may have a different office now and be working from home, but it’s the same team, same dedication, same service and same commitment to you.”


Despite the social distancing rules, the ATG team is working as one and sharing the message of togetherness for the industry. 

Keep up the great work!

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