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Astounding natural beauty, funky cities and endless opportunities for exploration, get swept away in Switzerland.

Home to some of the most idyllic lakes and iconic mountains in the world, Switzerland is the place to go if you’d like to reconnect with nature.

With its ravishing natural landscapes, there are infinite possibilities of how to explore everything Switzerland has to offer.

No matter whether you choose to lace up some hiking boots, jump on a bike or strap on some skis, adventure awaits in every corner.

Switzerland also boasts some fantastic cities and a mix of medieval architecture and urban edge. With an abundance of castles, museums, funky culture and decadent restaurants Switzerland’s cities offer an uber-cool contrast to its jaw-dropping, dramatic natural scenery.

The warm Swiss hospitality and a culture that celebrates both innovation and deep-rooted traditions, makes a visit to Switzerland a trip of delightful contrasts and discoveries.

You’ll quickly realise there’s much more to Switzerland than chocolate, cuckoo clocks and yodelling.

Find out more: www.myswitzerland.com