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It’s time for the luck of the Irish to rub off on you with a trip to the Emerald Isle.

Ireland is one of the most socially progressive places in the world to live in. Is it pure luck or did the luck of the Irish make us all dance to their tunes?

Tourists flock to the countryside to either sample the local brew or meander through the luscious green hills, eat at teeny tiny restaurants where renowned chefs are cooking up incredible cuisine or find adventure and warm welcomes at every turn.

Who doesn’t love the majesty and the mystery of the emerald isle? Wherever you go, you’ll feel the magic everywhere.

Nestled in the North Atlantic, the Republic of Ireland covers five-sixths of the land size while Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom is a wee one-sixth.

In a place where you can really expect the unexpected, where centuries of ancient monuments and rivers of history run through the veins of cities and across the wild and rugged countryside, it is no surprise that Australian’s are travelling to the green nation as it ticks all our boxes.

Find out what you’ve been missing. Isn’t it time you danced to the Irish tune?