One of the perils of in-flight wi-fi is the in-flight perverts who can’t keep their eyes averted from pornography for the duration of their trip.

Some rather disturbing footage has been released this week of a man on board a flight to Brazil who appears to be watching porn on his phone while pleasuring himself under a blanket.

The clip, which you can see for yourself below, was taken by a fellow passenger who was sitting in the row behind.

Clearly bemused by the situation, the man filming can be heard laughing throughout video as the questionable passengers makes “sordid tell-tale movements” with his hand with his eyes glued to his phone.

This surprising incident comes just weeks after another passenger stripped naked on a Malindo Air flight from Malaysia while watching porn on his laptop.

The 20-year-old man allegedly tried hug female crew members before becoming aggressive and attempting to attack an air stewardess.


His hands were bound with a piece of cloth for the rest of the flight and he was arrested on landing.

Some cabin crew are jokingly referring to the incidents as “high-jacking” while other passengers have noted it’s a good reason to steer clear of the blankets handed out on planes.

In any case, the incidents are rather shocking and one can only hope any potential high-flying perverts learn from these cases and keep their hands off it!

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What would you do if you saw someone pleasuring themselves near you on a flight? Let us know below.