What the duck is this goose doing on an Air New Zealand plane?

Your eyes are not tricking you, that is in fact a goose enjoying the inflight experience on an Air New Zealand flight.

Your eyes are not tricking you, that is in fact a goose enjoying the inflight experience on an Air New Zealand flight.


His name is Dave and he’s part of Air New Zealand’s quacky new plan to change Australian travellers’ perceptions of where the airline can taken them.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, over the last 12 months, the carrier has drastically expanded its international network with flights to Houston in the USA and Buenos Aires in Argentina. There’s a new service to Beijing commencing in the coming months and the airline plans to operate to Vietnam for a second season next year.

While the carrier’s inaugural service to the Philippines has been put on hold for the moment, it didn’t stop the airline from teaming up with United for flights to San Francisco and upgrading its services to Honolulu.

That’s a lot to take in, especially for a consumer.


And even though those Men in Black and Anna Farris safety videos do a great job at getting some of that message across, Air New Zealand has decided to take it one step further with Dave the Goose.

Described as a ‘ground breaking campaign’, the airline is trying to convince Australians that Air New Zealand is the “better way to fly to North and South America”.


Instead of going direct to Chile with Qantas or LATAM, Air New Zealand says Aussies should choose to fly on its services because Auckland is a great place to ‘kick back’, especially for those starting their journey with a domestic connection… aka those travelling from somewhere like Perth.

“Kicking back in Air New Zealand’s world class lounge in Auckland beats a domestic connection hands down.”

Cam Wallace, Air New Zealand Chief Revenue Officer


“Then there’s our great long haul service which includes menus prepared by internationally renowned chefs, wines selected by Masters of Wine, true lie flat beds in Business Premier, spacious luxury leather Premium Economy seats and the innovative Economy Skycouch™ that’s perfect for families.”

So how does Dave come into play? Through a two-minute ad, during which he showcases the ‘great Kiwi hospitality’, ‘hilarious accent’, on board entertainment, varied dining options and the Skycouch.


“We’re famous for celebrity filled safety videos and stand out marketing campaigns and this time we’re thrilled to have teamed up with Australian acting royalty Bryan Brown as the distinctive voice of ‘Dave’ – a migratory bird who’s learned the benefits of flying long haul with Air New Zealand rather than sticking with the flock,” Wallace continued.

“Through CGI technology and the familiar voice of Bryan Brown, Dave bursts into life as Air New Zealand’s number one fan when it comes to flying to North or South America.”

Check out the video below:


Would you fly to the US or South America with Air New Zealand?