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Come Down For Air: Tourism Tasmania Invites You To Take A Break

Tourism Tasmania has relaunched its dreamy 'Come Down For Air' campaign after almost a year of domestic border closures.

Tourism Tasmania has relaunched its dreamy ‘Come Down For Air’ campaign after almost a year of domestic border closures.

Tourism Tasmania is targeting domestic and Trans-Tasman travellers in the relaunch of its ‘Come Down For Air’ campaign.

After being put on hold due to the global pandemic, the ‘Come Down For Air’ campaign, originally launched in 2019, recommenced in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia mid-last-month.

It is also being showcasing in New Zealand, marking the first time Tourism Tasmania has advertised in the country in 10 years.

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When everywhere else might feel a bit generic – potential visitors are being encouraged to feel more human on an island of difference.

‘Come Down For Air’ invites you to take a break from the stress and routine of your everyday lives and celebrates everything about Tasmania.

It captures its sense of being and provides a platform to communicate who Tasmanians are as people. Those who call Tasmania home have a unique perspective on life and would love for you to join them.

The beautiful new short movies focus on peaceful moments in nature and immerse you in feelings of being disconnected and wonderfully free.

Something most of us have been craving for a while.

The snippets give travellers a taste of Tasmania and highlight a range of unique experiences that can be enjoyed in the state.

The $2.35 million revival will be running until 30 June 2021 and will support tourism operators in Tasmania as they head into winter.

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You will be able to check out the campagin through a range of channels including TV, cinema, print, as well as social and digital advertisements.

Will you be planning a trip down to Tasmania?

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