Does the magic of princesses, big-eared animations and fairy tales fade with your youth and completely disappear when life takes you down a child-free path?

Is it possible to outgrow the wonder of Disney? Even the brand’s theme parks such as Disneyland & California Adventure Park?

One might think ‘yes’, but this recent picture of real-life, single, 30-something-year-old at Disneyland & California Adventure Park says otherwise…

Disneyland Famil 1

Walt’s park may be associated with children and family fun, but that Disney joy will infect anyone who visits, regardless of age and/or parenting status.

We’re all big kids at Disneyland & California Adventure Park, and it’s because it’s built with EVERYONE in mind. EVERYONE.

So if you think you’re ‘too old’ and ‘too childless’ for Cinderella pics and Mermaid-themed rides, here are a few things single, 30-somethings will LOVE doing at Disneyland & California Adventure Park:


Literally fall from the sky on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

Disneyland Famil 2

Six words: free fall, forty metres, SEVERAL times.

If you ask Disney Cast Members to rate the ride’s fear factor, just like Guardian’s Star Lord they’ll say: “Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know how this machine works”.

So here’s a first-hand description from my recent experience: It’s like sitting on the world’s largest Yoyo. Your body is pulled up, dropped down, pulled up, thrown down again, pulled up, STOPPED and suddenly dropped – repeat this for what feels like a good 10 minutes but is actually only 120 seconds.

It’s wicked fun and a must-try if only to laugh at your reaction in the photo.


Buy Marvel collectibles OR read comics

Disneyland Famil 3

Just outside of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is a Marvel souvenir store where park goers can find Marvel-themed collectibles from shirts, figurines and more. Although the majority of items are Guardians-related, there are a few based around to The Avengers and Spider-Man.

Inside the store, comic fans will also be able to escape their ‘Disney escape’ by reading a few comics, which are technically there to be purchased but no one will stop you from having a quick read.


Watch a Broadway production

Disneyland Famil 5

Who needs to go to New York or London for a brilliant Broadway production when you can find one in the heart of California Adventure Park.

Cast members put on an incredible, one-hour tear-jerking performance of Frozen at least three times a day.

It’s definitely one to add to the Disney itinerary, oh and see if you can spot the carefully hidden moment when young Elsa switches to older Elsa.


Build your Instagram followers

Disneyland Famil 5

Due to Disney fairy tales, Pixar and Marvel, Disney fans are the most diverse on social media, they’re also among the most active.

Share a picture of yourself doing something unique (but let’s keep it sensible guys) with Mickey and you’re bound to get a few extra likes.

If you’re really into Instagram, then you’ll want to get on board this new trend of people snapping pictures with random walls at Disney parks. The random wall at Adventure Park California is the plain blue wall located to the left of the Hollywood Backdrop. Don’t forget to post it with the hashtag #WallsofDisney.

Oh, and if you’re a single, 30-something visiting the park alone and forgot to bring your selfie stick, other park-goers are always happy to help you out.


Hang out in the Beer Garden

Disneyland Famil 6

While the Disneyland side of the theme park doesn’t allow alcohol, Adventure Park California does.

Inside the park, you can take breaks between rides by having a cold one at the Beer Garden. It’s also a great place for ‘character’ spotting. Warning: don’t have too many, you don’t want to be that drunk weirdo at the park.


Take down others at Toy Story Mania

Disneyland Famil 7

Whether the Toy Story movies are your thing or not, this attraction will DEFINITELY bring out your competitive side.

The aim is to shoot as many Toy Story-themed objects as possible within eight minutes. You’re competing with the person next to you so you’ll want to be on your A-game. PRO TIP: look for objects with higher points, they usually appear towards the top of the screen.


Watch a couple of Pixar flicks

Disneyland Famil 8

When your feet can no longer walk and you’re not quite ready for another ride, head to the Pixar Short Film Festival where you’ll watch three touching flicks in 4D. You’ll definitely need tissues for this one!


Go shopping & eating

Downtown Disneyland

Beyond Disney merchandise shopping (although who doesn’t love that?!), Disney Downtown has a strip of clothing and homeware stores that’ll keep you busy and spending for hours.


Get a drink at Tiki Bar


Wrap up your magical days at the Disney parks with a few drinks (yes, alcoholic drinks) at the Tiki Bar.

Located in the pool area of Disneyland Hotel, it features an exotic menu of Chinese food, Pacific Island cocktails and more.


Be a kid again

Disneyland Famil 15

Disneyland & California Adventure Park is the one place on this planet where you shouldn’t feel shame about being a kid. So just forget social expectations and have a good time!

Feel like a giant in Toon Town…

Disneyland Famil 9

Check out Mickey’s house…

Disneyland Famil 13

Meet classic cartoon characters…

Disneyland Famil 11

And take pics with Princesses…

Disneyland Famil 10

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What’s your favourite thing to do at Disneyland & California Adventure Park as a single, 30-something?