Watch out Nevada, Ireland, NZ and other countries currently offering marriage equality because Australia is one step away from stealing your tourists as the next travel hot spot for same sex marriage.

The vote for Australia’s same-sex marriage postal survey came back today with an incredible 61.6 percent of respondents voting YES!

More than half of Australia is at work right now like…


Or staring at the 38.4 percent who voted no like…


Although the result doesn’t immediately change the law on same-sex marriage, it is a HUGE victory for Australia’s LGBTI community as it pushes the Australian government to ensure the strong desire of the Australian people becomes a reality.

Tiernan Brady, a leader of The Equality Campaign, said he believes the campaign was won because of “thousands of positive conversations that happened across the country.” during the voting period.

“Our campaign has been one of respectful dialogue about real people’s lives. It has been about our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, colleagues, neighbours and teammates.”

Tiernan Brady, The Equality Campaign

Among the larger groups joining the positive conversation was Qantas, which celebrated today’s excited news with celebratory posts across its social media pages.

The airline proudly changed its Facebook icon to a rainbow tale:

And shared an image of its staff members literally jumping for joy:

Ride-sharing company, Uber, also welcomed the great result by congratulating Australia for being on the right side of history in a short celebratory video posted to social media:

So now that Australia has had it’s say, the Equality Campaign said it will work with Canberra to ensure a fair bill is passes as soon as possible to legalise marriage equality country-wide.

You know what this means? Australia, an already sexy country among tourists will soon be able to proudly call itself one of the few in the world that will allow same-sex visitors to commit to each other while travelling abroad.

“It’s now time for parliament to do their job and vote this through as soon as possible.”

The Equality Campaign

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How will you celebrate today’s exciting result?